Transformer @ One Utama

Today I’m not gonna write a post on food, but I want to share with you all about the latest happening at One Utama Shopping Centre – TRANSFORMER.
In conjunction with the Transformer 3 – Dark of The Moon which showing up by end of this month, Naza Quest was holding the Chevrolet Transformer 3 Roadshow at One Utama starting from 6th of June till 12th of June 2011. I wouldn’t know about this event if my girl didn’t told me. She showed me a blog on this Transformer roadshow previous day and she was a bit sad because she does not have the chance to take photograph for the event. Well… I shall went there to take some picture and share with her later on. Girl… Wait for me coming to Penang first, then I will take you out for snapping. =D

Looking from the third floor inside the shopping mall.
The roadshow really gain a lot of attention from the public.

The main attraction of the roadshow – Lived size 22 feet model of Optimus Prime. The Autobot is as tall as two floor of the building. The uncle in the photo must be thinking : ” How they build this thing up and it looks so real?? This is still not the main point. The main point is I cannot understand why this 22 feet thing attracts so many people. ”  Once you reach there, you will see everyone keep on taking photos with the Optimus Prime. Haha.. ( Includes me as well )

Besides that, there were also lots of small size Transformers on the shelves too. I’m not a big fan of Transformer but I just wanted to take picture on them. Let me show you some that what I have taken as shown below:

(Again… It is purely for sharing)

Does it look like pointing middle finger??

Alright, let me introduce you the second star attraction of the roadshow, Chevrolet Camaro SS which act as Bumblebee in the Transformer movie!

A pretty cool and interesting car.

And do you know how much is the Chevrolet Camaro SS?

Is RM488,999! For those Transformer fans, you may consider to buy this car if you are rich enough. Hoho… =P
Well.. That is the end of my post. Hope you don’t miss out this interesting roadshow.