Umai-ya @ Damansara Utama

Again, this is a redundant post. We actually went to Umai-ya on 15th of May to celebrate my girl’s birthday eve. Actually my girl’s birthday was on 16th of May but since Umai-ya only offers buffet lunch on Sunday, and my girl had been begging me to bring her there, so we celebrate a day earlier.

Time and date is not a matter as long as the heart is full with sincere and wishes, right? XD

The buffet starts at 11.30am. Since we were not so familiar with the route around Damansara, we went out earlier and we ended up reaching there at 11am. So we waited for half an hour at Coffee Beans, shaking our legs.

I dono why but I just love this picture taken by my girl. =D
She said she purposely take the photo of the shoes as it makes her thought of ” everyone is special, no matter where and who you are. So stop comparing and starts to love yourself more “.

Yeah yeah… Happy Hour’s gonna start!
This is how it looks like when you open up the order menu. Just tick the food that you want and pass it to the waitress. And your food will be served on your table after that.

A pot of ocha was served once we sat down.
Free flow of Tiger beer.

Sashimi moriawase.
A varieties of fresh and irresistable sashimi.

Tasted ordinary.
The meat was a bit dry but the sauce and onion slice gave an extra kick to the overall taste.

Beef negi.
The taste of the beef was very strong and flavourful at the beginning but as I chewed on, the taste of the beef started to be taken off by the green onion, and at the end a fresh and balance taste was felt in the throat. Very great dish.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura.
One of the best dish that we enjoyed.
Three big fat deep fried soft shell crab, crispy at the outside and the flesh remain juicy.

Grilled Saba Shioyaki.
We didn’t heart this. It tasted like the ikan goreng my mummy used to cooked back at home.

Chicken Teriyaki.
The taste was a little boring.

Dragon Maki.
Prawn tempura sushi roll topped with unagi. A combination of satisfaction.

Soft Shell Crab Maki.
Their sushi was very tempting but the portion was way too much for only two persons.

Umai-ya Green Salad.
This salad was very refreshing with a hint of sourness and spiciness. I wouldn’t said that it was not nice, but the taste was quite unique and different from the salad I usually eat.

Grilled Shishamo.
We didn’t really like this as well but the table next to us ordered quite a few portion of this.

Smooth and silky texture with great ingredients loaded beneath the egg.

Special Mushroom Soup.
The bowl looked was special but the soup was not. My girl ordered this just because she liked to try out food with the name “mushroom” on it.

Green Tea Ice-Cream.

Wasabi Ice-Cream.

Chocolate Ice-Cream.

We stopped torturing our stomach with this. What is this ? can’t guess? Is salmon sashimi dipped with melted green tea+ chocolate + wasabi ice cream..heee

We were very full when coming out from Umai-ya but by the time we reached home at night, we felt regreted for not eating more. Total bill ended up after the buffet was RM111.35 (inclusive of service tax and government tax). Buffet in Umai-ya is really worth the price due to the freshness of their ingredient, plus all the dish is made upon order.


Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant (Damansara Utama)
No 49G,
Jalan SS21/37 ,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,