Kek Seng Coffee Shop @ Penang Road, Pasembur @ Persiaran Gurney

People said it is a must to try out ice kacang and home made durian ice cream at Kek Seng Coffee Shop when travel to Penang. Yea we did, and felt so cheated. We will not step into this shop again and will not recommend anyone to go there as they have no quality control over their ice kacang. The shop is not doubt getting famous especially among tourists but they make me feel like they are more into making money than to provide good refreshing ice kacang and durian ice cream.

Delicious and tasty? Not even tasted average.

The bowl of ice kacang was topped with jelly, red beans, sweet corns, durian ice cream and sugar drizzle.
Okay, the “ice” kacang came half melted. Half of the ice was melted by the time it reached our table. The ice was so coarse and tasted so awful, with the smell of  tap water. The durian ice cream was also half melted, not nice, and lack of durian taste.

Pie Tee

Luckily we ordered some pie tee. Not to say very delicious but the presentation earned some points from us, and ease our dissatisfaction towards the ice kacang. The pastry cups was still crispy and warm with shredded mengkuang, beancurd, eggs and garnished with chilli sauce. Nice to see, nice to eat.

We went to Gurney Plaza for some shopping afterwards but there was nothing to buy. By 5pm we was a little bit hungry. But the day was still early and we wanted to keep our stomach for dinner at Kimberly Street. My girl suggested to go Gurney Drive Hawker Center for some Pasembur at stall 61.

Once reaching the stall, she saw a wide variety of base ingredients to choose from such as prawn fritters, fried bean curd, fish balls, fish cake, fried octopus, fried crab, etc. etc. She humbly pick only a piece of prawn fritter, bean curd, fish cake and handed it over to the stall owner. He helped to cut those ingredients into smaller size, top with some shredded cucumber, drenched with some orange-ish sauce, handed back to her and say : ” RM7 “. ” So expensive … “, uttered in her heart and made the pay.

The RM7 pasembur.

The end product of the pasembur looked a little unpleasant but tasted very nice. The thick orange-ish sauce had a combination of sweet, spicy and nutty taste. Tantalizing. We should have opted for more sauce.

My girl: ” Tasted like a mix of chilli sauce and tomato sauce. “
Me: ” Anor..but very nice “
My girl : ” Next time I will try to mix the two sauces at home and see what will I get. “
Me: ” =.=||| “

We ordered a bowl of laksa as we cannot bear with the nice laksa aroma. Not sure which laksa stall the aroma came from, we just simply order a bowl. We liked the spicy and sour soup with sweetness from fish, as it not only warm up the stomach but also stimulated our appetite.

We were half fulled after finishing the laksa and pasembur but this didn’t stop our trip to Kimberley Street for almond soup. Yeah yeah…

Kek Seng Coffee Shop
382-384, Penang Road,
10000 Penang.
GPS Coordinates : N 05°24.974′  E 100°19.759′
Business hour : 11am-4.30pm

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang
GPS Coordinates : N 05.439713°  E 100.309286°