La.. La.. La.. La.. La.. La.. Sing a Happy Song..

Guess you all already know what is this post about after saw the title above. Its SMURF time! I am not going to talk about food today, but the smurf toys from McDonald. In conjunction with The Smurf movie recently, McDonald has come out with 10 little smurf toys. But due to the overwhelming response, 1st week toys were out of stock in just few hours. And the restaurants had to supply the following week’s design early to avoid dissapointing customers. In the end, those who followed the released schedule of the advertisement was unable to have the complete set.
I was still unaware of the existance of the smurf toys until my girl showed me a blog on this. “I WANT! I WANT!” My girl nagging me to get her these smurf toys because it was really CUTE. I already missed out to watch the movie with her, so I must not missed out to get her some of these toys again. Thankfully, I manage to collect 6 smurf toys in a week.

I quickly went to the nearest McDonalds during my lunch break. So, I first drove to McD e-Gate Puchong but it was all sold out. Then I drove to Seri Kembangan McD, it was all sold out. After that, I drove to Tesco Puchong, it was all sold out again. *SAD CASE* I told my girl that I couldn’t found any for her. She said it was ok, but I know she was a bit upset at that moment. Well, I wait until my working hour finished, I quickly drove to KL searching for it again.
Jokey’s Surprise Box & Hefty Weight Lifter
Finally, I managed to buy the two smurf toys above at McD Desa Pandan and McD Ampang Point with just RM3 each. After being stucked in the traffic jam for another half and hour, I reached McD Taman Dagang but came out with dissapointment. I nearly gave up but I asked myself not to in the end.
Brainy’s Toast & Dizzy Baker
So, I drove to McD Pandan Mewah and I managed to get the two smurf toys above. Hooray!
The next day, I continue searching for it in KL town but it was a totally dissapointment! All was sold out! Really sad… But luckly at night, I found one smurf fan in facebook discussion board who agreed to sell me her two smurf toys at RM3 each. Hehe…
Vanity in Love & Smurfette Hair Care
Tadaa.. I received both of them after two days. I was still searching for the remaining ones around PJ area and Subang Airport but no luck for me. Another smurf fan in facebook agreed to help me buy another 3 smurf toys from Singapore McD. I really hope she could found it. I don’t mind if I couldn’t complete the 10 of them, but at least I tried my very best for my girl. =D
I personally like the Vanity in Love very much among all because his body will blinked out “LOVE SHAPE” when I pull the mirror behind. Hee…
So till now, I only manage to collect 6 smurf toys as below.
*Will update again after get another 3 smurf toys*
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Papa’s Potion
Yeah! I received another little smurf today! Thanks to the smurf fan in facebook who willing to sell me this.

And I discovered one interesting thing after playing around with the toy!

The potion will eventually change colour when I kept on pressing the small button beside it. My girl sure love this very much. =D
* Another two smurf only will come to me by next week. =( Really can’t wait for it *
Saturday, September 24, 2011
Gutsy Dancer & Clumsy’s Magic Wand
Muahaha… I managed to buy another 2 smurf from a smurf fan today! And for your information.. The smurf fan who sold the toy to me was actually a mother of two child. Can you believe that? These smurf toys really create a huge wave among us including children, teenage, and even adults.

Hehe… Again I discovered out it’s wand will light up after I push the ON button behind. Interesting!

In the end, I managed to collect 9 little smurf except singing harmony. People out there now really treat this as a business. One smurf toy could be sold at RM90! This is really insane. I rather missing one for my collection. Well… I keep my promise to find you 9 little smurf. =D Its all yours now.. Hehe..
Friday, September 30, 2011

Hooray! Finally I got my last smurf today and I manage to collect whole set now! La.. La.. La.. La.. La.. La.. Sing A Happy Song..  =D