Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu, KL

Sek Yuen Restaurant is the oldest Chinese restaurant situated at Jalan Pudu which still has the feel of 50’s. We could hardly find this historical gem in KL city anymore. Even my mom ate at this restaurant before when she was a kid last time. This shows how long it had been there serving chinese cuisine. And of course, they maintain their food quality till now and thats what make them famous.
There are two Sek Yuen Restaurants along the same road and they are just side by side if you notice. Don’t feel curious when you saw it. The difference between them is actually one equip with air-conditioning and the other one not.
Although there are two restaurants but all the food ordered in air-conditioned restaurant is still coming from the old kitchen. The owner of the restaurant told us that they used to deliver the food across the small road between the restaurant, that is why they are so healthy now because they have to walk many times in a day.
This was the appearance of the restaurant without air-conditioning. The place was crowded with people.
We had our dinner at the air-conditioned restaurant. The lower floor was full, so we were asked to have a sit at the upper floor. The upper floor was totally empty and left us only after 8.30pm.
Pei Pa Duck
This was their signature dish and it is a must ordered-dish when you come here. We ordered half only because we afraid that it will be very big. The duck was perfectly roasted and you can feel the charcoal smell before putting into your mouth. The meat was lean and the most interesting part was the crispy skin. Remember to ask them for the special sour plum sauce. Eating the duck with their speical sauce was excellent.
Sweet and Sour Pork
The dish had a nice “wok hei” smell but the pork was lack of a bit crispy. Overall it was still nice.
Taufu with Mixed Vegetables ( Jiu Pai Taufu )
The plate was full with different vegetables and the gravy was very nice too. My dad and me both feel that the gravy was lack of a bit salty.
Kar Heong Vegetables
The dish tasted average to us. It was a mixture of  fried nam yue (red fermented beancurd), shredded cabbage, black fungus, transparent noodles, fried fu chuk, beancurd slices and fried eggplant.
Yin Yong Noodles
The noodles was perfect after mixed together with the gravy.
Total damaged for the five dishes above was RM85. It considered very cheap compared to other restaurants. The place was not really well presented but who cares on it, our main concern was on the quality and taste of the food served.
Sek Yuen Restaurant
313-1, Jalan Pudu, KL. ( without air-conditioning )
315, Jalan Pudu, KL. ( air-conditioning )
GPS Coordinates : N3 08.119 E101 42.741
Tel : 03-9222 0903 ( air-conditioning )
03-9222 9457 (without air-conditioning )