siTigun @ Nagore Lane, Penang

It was the second day for us in Penang.

Early morning, spreading out the big big map of George Town, my girl put her hand under her chin and asked me: “ What to eat for breakfast? ”

Me : “ As long as not char kuey teow. ”

My girl: “ but I thought you that day you said you want to have Pulau Tikus char kuey teow? ”

Me: “ yea yea..that day…but not today… XD ”

My girl: “ Ok loh… hmm…ehhh… western food… scrambled egg? Ham and sausage? ”

Me: “ OK pun…”

My girl: “ But very expensive.. ”

Me: “ Aiyaaa… nevermind la… ”

There we made a BIG cross for Pulau Tikus and said bye bye to char kuey teow, wantan mee, apom manis and say hi hi to siTigun-A Bicycle Pit-Stop café at Nagore Lane.

siTigun is a corner shop opposite Continental Bakery, with a greeny shop sign which I think they should make it bigger perhaps, because it is a little bit small that I only managed to notice it after making a few turns along the lane.

Once stepping in we could feel the tranquility in the shop, with simple wooden tables, chairs, and traditional decorations of WAU (kite), batik, etc..

Si Tigun served both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Indonesia and they roasted raw coffee beans using their coffee roaster imported from Italy. They have the coffee roasted at least twice a week and more frequent when the shop is busier but they do not keep their coffee for more than two weeks to ensure the freshness of every cup of coffee served.

After the order, my girl asked: “ Want to have tiramisu? I read in blogs saying that they have nice tiramisu. ”

Me: “ Early morning eat cake? ”

My girl: “ Ooo… hao lo… then don’t order. ”

Banana bread. (RM3.20)

Very soon, we were served with a slice of bread. My girl thought that it was complimentary bread for us but later only she realized that it was the banana bread she ordered. A tiny slice of banana bread cost RM3.20? A try on it we would say that the bread worth the price, even though it was just one slice. The bread was not fluffy but floury type, with a taste of banana which was not overpowered, and enriched with walnut give an extra chew and flavor.

Cappuccino. (RM5.80)

The double shot cappuccino has nice aroma and good in taste. It has a distinct taste of espresso, but not overpowered, with a good blend with the steamed milk. The milk was nicely frothed, giving a smooth and frothy foam. Love it so much.

Croisssant with scrambled egg. (RM6.20)

The daily fresh baked homemade croissant tasted heavenly. First bite of it already made us fall in love with the croissant.  Still warm and retained little crispiness, the croissant was fresh, buttery but not oily. Having the croissant alone was nice enough but an extra touch of berry jam and butter to the croissant gave extra satisfaction. Scrambled egg was normal, served as a good companion to the croissant.

A light but fabulous breakfast. Good place I will say.


We missed siTigun coffee so much that we went to MoonTree47 and F by Buffalo Kitchens coffee to fill our crave for coffee but they just can’t make coffee as nice as siTigun does. Cappuccino in MoonTree47 doesn’t give a homogeneous taste of espresso and milk while cappuccino is F by Buffalo Kitchens is way too diluted.

My girl : “ I want to go eat their tiramisu before leaving Penang. And another cup of coffee from siTigun, can I?  >_
Me: “ Of course! I want to go back too…  =D ”

And yea, we will go back to siTigun, one day…

30, Jalan Nagore,
10050 Pulau Pinang.
GPS Coordinates : N05.421222  E100.326085
Business hour :
Tuesday – Sunday (8am – 10pm)
Closed on Monday