+Wondermilk @ Damansara Uptown

It was Sunday. We just had a simple lunch at Damansara Koon Kee wantan mee before moving to One Utama for a walk. I wasn’t familiar with the roads in Damansara so I had to drive carefully to leave those small roads and go into the main road.
I was driving carefully. I repeat, I was driving carefully and my girl shouted suddenly and gave me a jump: ” Eiii …stop stop stop..I saw Wondermilk!!”
(* Why must she shout so loud everytime she saw something she wants?..The sudden shout is dangerous to a driver ok?..>_<)
So I made a few meters of reverse and looked for a parking place. + Wondemilk is a little bit hidden by some greens and can be easily get overlooked, hoho but we found it.
My girl had wanted to try their cupcakes for long..so she was skipping happily for the entire few meters towards +Wondermilk, overly happy little creature girl..=p
+ Wondermilk has a combination of black and white outlook, with some greens decorating aka making it become hidden somehow.
At +Wondermilk, you can choose to seat outdoor or indoor, both area surrounding by adorable decorations.
My girl: ” their decorations are sooo~ charming..”
Me: ” Yea lo…why har..how come when it is placed in our home it looks much like a RUBBISH more than DECORATION ITEM?”
My girl: “Hanor…I also don’t know why.”
cute postcards calling for you..=)
Like those postcards? Get them at only RM1 each at +Wondermilk.
Hiak hiak,  this way….let’s follow me for a “sneak peek” into their washroom.
Even the washroom is delicately designed..orz.
+Wondermilk generally offers light meals and wonderful coffee.  Not into coffee? They have milk, tea, ice soda, etc.. Not into cupcakes? they have sandwiches, burger, baked potato, salad, etc.
+Wondermilk sells delicious cookies as well, priced reasonably at RM8 per jar. Chocolate Sandwich, Koko Polka Chip, Chocolate oatmeal, Magic Mocha, etc.,  all nicely packed into round-shaped jar and waiting for you to bring them home.
My girl: ” So cutee..I want..”
Me: ” Buy one for you la.”
My girl: ” dowan..”
Me: “…”
Why is girl so hard to be understood?
Since we just had our lunch, we only ordered a cup of cappuccino and 4 cupcakes (RM17).
Here comes the four cupcakes, chosen by my girl: ( counter clockwise from bottom right) Blueberry cheese, chocolate cheese surprise, cookies and cream, rocky road.
Chocalate cheese suprise had a very chocolaty base and topped with light cheese that tasted pretty addictive.
Blueberry cheese was equally nice aith a thick layer of blueberry jam topping the cake, centered with vanilla cakes and based with a layer of cheese
Cookies and cream dream tasted dreamy, with a rather dense and creamy toppings, thankfully it was not too sweet. Rocky road, my girl like this the most and she ate it all.  Rocky road has biscuit topping to replace the conventional cream toppings, and had wonderful marshmellow that tasted wonderful after baking in oven. Base was chocolate flavor, also dense, moist and not too sweet.
The 4 cupcakes came with an extra empty box which amused me.
Me: ” Why you take extra?”
My girl : ” Because it looks nice..”
Me: ” =.=||| “
Cappucino (RM7).
+wondermilk serves Bristot Tiziano coffee.
Light with smooth milkfoam and drizzle with choclate powder, the cappucino balanced out the sweetness of cupcakes.
We love their cupcakes, seriously. They are different from cupcakes sold in other places which only good to see but not nice to eat as many of them are colourfully decorated with dry cake base. But in +Wondermilk, cupcakes are moist and the toppings are not cloying.
CCTV watching what you eating, don’t gobble down your cupcakes, I know they are nice. =P
My girl has been asking to bring her back for their sandwiches and banana milk..not once..but a few times…>_
To be frank, we were super in love with their decorations. Everything seems so randomly decorated but the spontaneous mix-n’-match make the whole environment so awesome. Feel so want to bring them all home and imitate their decorations. After having their cupcakes, I want to bring back all their cupcakes home as well. XD
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
41, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 9am – 10pm