Tenshi no Café @ e@Curve (Invited Review)

It has been almost two weeks from the day we visited Tenshi no Café. Due to the pilling high assignments and lab reports, we have not been updating blog for more than two weeks as well. And yea, we are still busy with assignments but we think it is time to have the write up for Tenshi no Café as we are more than eager to share this place to our readers.
Located at e@Curve, Tenshi no Café is one of the very first Maid Cafe in Malaysia. The cafe resemble cosplay featured restaurant originated from Japan where the waitress/waiter dressed as maid and butler and treat patrons as if they are in their own home. When customers arrive at Tenshi, they will be standing at the door step welcoming their arrival as if the masters/mistresses are returning home after working for a day.

The interior is cozy yet homey and themed with pinkish soft colour that tranquilize your mind after a day of tiring work.
They have a board for visited customers to leave some messages and drawings. Seems like everyone that had been here had a great and enjoyable time. =)
Tenshi no Café also has an area displaying an array of anime figures in glass cabinet. You can buy them home too if you like them! They are all so cute and adorable!
We were served with 10 dishes that night but we did not get to taste all of it. We got to draw for our lucky numbers and serve with the dish with the corresponding number. Before we had our food, we were requested to put on some CHARMs that will magically power up your food to be super-delicious!
Salmon Fish Ball with Japanese Fried Rice. (RM16.90)

Ever tried salmon fish ball? Head over to Tenshi and savor it with the flavorful Japanese fried rice.

Una Toji Don. (RM21.90)
A bed of rice with unagi Kabayaki and egg, side with colourful fruits to balanced up your meal.
Teriyaki Don. (RM19.90)
I was served with this dish. Teriyaki chicken served over a bed of rice and sided with fruits as well. The teriyaki chicken was well marinated, juicy and tender.
Seafood Spaghetti. (RM23.90)
Spaghetti in marinara sauce and saute with generous amount of seafood.
Chicken Spaghetti. (RM23.90)
Spaghetti saute with ham, onions and chicken bits.
Charaben, a short form for character bento is also offers in Tenshi no café. There are different types of charaben offered everyday, and for today, Tuesday, we got Squirrel Haven and Snow Day. Both of them were so colourful and charming. The charaben are not only healthy but also nice presented with cute figures on it.
Kawaii Bento – Squirrel Haven. (RM16.90)
Chicken ham made into squirrel shape and topped on carbonara spaghetti, with lots of chicken and hams in it. Don’t judge on the small size box as it can be quite filling after finished the whole bento.
Kawaii Bento – Snow Day. (RM16.90)
Japanese rice made into snow man figure and paired with ebi tempura and fruits. It-is-oh-so-cute but the portion will be too little for an adult.
Mango Curry Rice. (RM19.90)
A plate of love shape rice laden with Japanese curry in cubed potato and carrots and topped with juicy mango cubes. The spiciness and sweetness will surely light up your taste bud and makes you ask for more.
Katsu Curry Rice. (RM19.90)
According to one of the invitees, both the curry rice are delicious. The gravy was rich and flavorful with the right spiciness that suit their palate.
One of the maids of the night – Mizuri, she was decorating the Japan Omurice with a cute rabbit drawing on it. You may also request for other drawing on it but of course, the maid will need to consider the shape of the food as well. XD
Japan Omurice. (RM16.90)
Tadaa.. It looks so cute!
Strawberry Milk Shake (left) and Longan Milk Shake (right)
Both the milkshake are rich, milky and sweet but refreshing.
We were also served with bowls of desserts after the mains:

Black Sesame Ice Floss. (RM5.50 for regular size and RM10.90 for large size)
Chocolate Ice Floss. (RM5.50 for regular size and RM10.90 for large size)
Pictures of the maids and buttler of the night:
Akiko (left), Mizuri (centre) and Riku (right).
My favourite maid of the night, Mizuri. I just love her sweet looking.
Another picture shot of her. Hehe..
By the end of the meal, everyone was given a Tenshi member card. Oh it is not a discount card, so how it works? Have you ever played online RPG game? Well.. Tenshi membership card serves the same concept as the RPG game. You will be given a complimentary member card once visited Tenshi no Café and every spending of RM10 in the bill will entitle you 1 point. Once you reach to a certain point, you will get leveled up! You will get to enjoy more privilege and discounts on higher level. And FYI, the points are accumulated for lifetime usage and there is no expiry date too.
Overall we love this place so much, especially their environment that make us feel so homey. The maids and butlers are polite, cute and friendly. Enjoy your time at Tenshi no Café with their good food and great environment!
*Special thanks to Selangorlicious Foodster Trip and Ivy for the invitation.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Tenshi no Café ( Japanese Cuisine)
North Side,
Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Contact/Reservation :
7728 6118 (Ms. Akiko)