Kitchen Village @ Cyberjaya

Kitchen Village, located just next to the famous Old Town Kopitiam in Cyberjaya, has been opened for years but we never paid a visit there. Reason? The interior looks so classy and comfy, so the price will be classy as well. As students, we always opt for Dengkil when comes to ” dai chao” (Stir fried dish) as it was way cheaper, nicer and better “wok hei”. hehe.
Thanks to Nigel Low from that recommended this place, saying that Kitchen Village served various nice dishes at RM8 per plate during dinner time. We knew that the promotion had been on going for some time, but we just skipped the restaurant all the time and went to Old Town instead. Ok, sometimes we just don’t understand why we doesn’t want to blog Cyberjaya food. So, today after the my girl’s mid term exam, we finally went for a try at this place.
There was a wide variety of dish to be chosen from ranging from chicken, egg, squid, taufu and vegetables. We tried out only two of them, Taufu with Fish Fillet and Thousand Island Chicken.
Taufu with Fish Fillet (RM8)
Taste wise, the portion was huge, with generous amount of homemade style taufu being deep fried and then stir fried with three pieces of fish fillet. Don’t get me wrong, there was only three small pieces of fish in it. Playing around with the words, taufu with fish fillet gave more taufu than fish, so, fish fillet with taufu, meaning more fillet than taufu? It is just like stir fried kangkung with chilli belacan, we always get more kangkung than belacan. Hoho.
Thousand Island Chicken (RM8)
Thousand Island Chicken–literally means fried chicken drizzle with thousand island sauce. The combination was tempting but fatty at the same time. The chicken, being deep fried, was crispy but rather oily, and the thousand island sauce added on it made us feel cloying after a few pieces. We guessed it would be better to share with more people.
Writer: YLing
Photographer: Summer
Kitchen Village
Prima Avenue,
Block 3503,
Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya.