Delicious @ Marc Residence

We fell in love with Delicious café after tasting their Black Forest In A Glass and Watermelon and Lychee Blast. We always wanted to go back to Delicious for more desserts but we never did so. Thus we were actually quite happy that when Delicious launched the deal of Traditional English Afternoon Tea set at a price of RM34.70 instead of RM59.90 in Everyday Coupons. This gave us an excuse for going back to Delicious.
One drawback was, the tea set could only be redeemed at Marc Residence KL, a place which was quite far from the place we were staying, and was very inconvenience for us to go there. But thanks to new year eve, we were heading to KL, so we made a booking for our tea set at 5pm.

The place was a little hard to be located and we were stuck in the traffic jam for some time before reaching Marc Residence. As usual, Delicious in Marc Residence was also themed with white and soft blue, with ample of nature light through the French windows. The ambience was so nice, so we naively thought that the service and food should be nice as well, not knowing that our nightmare was going to begin.
We get to choose the coffee or tea and a dessert of our choice. When we started to choose our drinks, the nightmare started.

Waiter: “ You can choose any of the coffee or tea”

Me: “ OK, thanks.”


Me: “ OK… ” ( * OS: I thought in the coupon it was stated that I can choose any coffee/tea?” )


We looked through the list again.


Me: ” …” ( OS: I know. Please lower down your voice ok?)

Me: “ one iced cappuccino..and…”


We really felt like throwing the menu at him that moment. We knew that we were not allowed to choose the coffee priced at RM10.90 already ok! And why was he talking so loud to us?!

We only wanted to have coffee, cold one. However from the coffee list, there were only very limited cold choices available, one priced at RM9.90 and another two priced at RM10.90, and we did not want to have long black.  This means we could only choose the iced cappuccino. After picking that one, we did not know what to have for the second drinks, so my girl asked the waiter if she could have one coffee one tea.

My girl : “ Can I have one tea and one coffee?”


My girl : “ ok.” ( OS: Can he stop speaking so loud?!)

After a moment…


How many times he wanted to repeat the TEN TEN TEN and NINE NINE NINE? Why so scare that we will be earning another RM1 from you?! But iced lemon tea was stated with RM9.90 in the tea list. Such a stupid policy. Not knowing what to choose, we just picked ice lemon tea.

The waiter left but he really put us on anger. He was so impolite and spoke so loud at us. His voice really made us felt so irritating.

After a while, our drinks come.


Hey he didn’t have to put down the iced coffee with such a loud “PAK” sound. Couldn’t he place the coffee slowly?  It was not a busy coffee shop lacking of workers.

FINE. It was new year eve, don’t get angry. SMILE- SMILE- SMILE. =S
Iced cappucino and iced lemon tea. Sadly to say, both the iced lemon tea and cappuccino was tasteless. I felt like drinking plain water for the iced lemon tea and like diluted milk without coffee taste for the cappuccino.

Our tea set came not long after that too.

My girl started to “examine” the 3 tiers tea set.

My girl: “ Why there is only two scones, and the strawberry is halved? The coupon states that we will be given 3 scones. Haihs.. suan liaw. “

I wasn’t happy with the way they serve the set. Duck confit outside the filo pastry? haihs..
Finger Sandwiches
Duck Confit with Filo Pastry
The lowest tier was filled with savory pastry. Duck confit with filo pastry was nothing to shout about. The sandwiches bread was hard and dry, with very normal fillings – egg, tuna, smoked salmon. Yeap, they have smoked salmon sandwich, but we didn’t get impressed with that.

Strawberry with Chocolate Dip
Rosemary & Cheese Cookies
Handrolled Chocolate Truffles
The center tier had handrolled chocolate truffles, Rosemary & cheese cookies, scones with jam and cream, strawberry with dip. None of them taste nice except the chocolate truffles.

The scone was served warm but slightly burnt and tasteless. I did not feel like eating it anymore when it broke into pieces when I trying to divide it into two, because I couldn’t spread my jam on the small pieces of scone.

Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova.

The worst part was the highest tier-chocolate pavlova. It looked so beautiful but tasted so hard and so terrible. We could barely stuff it into our mouth. I thought pavlova should have a crisp outer layer and marshmellow soft center? It was such a big difference with the pavlova we ate at Alexis last time.

The pavlova was hard from inside out, and somehow, hollow in the middle. =.=. Consequences? We left the pavlova 2/3 untouched.
How hard is it? Looked at the video.

Another ridiculous thing came when we left Delicious and heading to the parking. We were there for merely one and a half hour. And guess what? The parking fees was RM17.00!

My girl went back to the counter, asking what made the less than one and a half hour parking cost so expensive. And she said: “ first hour is RM4, second hour is RM3. So RM7. However, your second hour falls after 6pm, so I need to charge you another RM10. So RM17.”

When I tell them I dined in Delicious, so I thought I could have free parkings for two hours? And the lady say: “Oww.. that is different things. Delicious is separate from us. They got nothing to do with the parking.

Me: “ ……..”

But I remember I saw this before. –>

Marc Residence parking rate stated:

First hour : RM4

Every subsequent hour: RM3

After 6pm: RM10

I wasn’t satisfy with the explanation and till now, I still did not understand why I had to pay the extra RM10.

We left Marc Residence with a super grumpy face. Good place doesn’t guarantee good service. What a shame. I did not know why they are not trained well. There are more than a thousand of people buying this coupon and I wondered how many of them are suffering the same as us. Such as this customers who got charged for RM20 for parking in Marc Residence for only 3 hours. Click here. Don’t you think they are charging overly high?

When we went back, we looked back at the Everyday Coupons and found this blogger who went for the Delicious Tea Set as well. Click here.
From the coupon description, we realised that we could choose any coffee/tea. And from the blog, we saw that they got to have the so called “TEN-TEN-TEN coffee “, 3 scones, and “unhalved” strawberry. Ok, we were not arguing about not getting higher price coffee (* as their coffee was tasteless), 3 scones instead of 2 ( *as I did not even want to have a second one) or whatever. What we care of was the service and the consistency of food serving. Being a famous café, this was the bad service and inconsistency we got? It was worse than the mamak stall service that smile to us even they were busy taking orders and preparing food. If Delicious was sincere in launching the coupon, then please launched it sincerely. Please look after the quality, service and consistency of the food you serve to your customers. If Delicious is scare of losing anything from the coupon then don’t launch it. Our high hope turned out far more worse than we expected, not only the food, but the bad service as well.

Delicious Marc Residence really ruin all the good image we have on Delicious cafe all this while. We really feel so cheated by Delicious and Marc Residence. We will not step into this place anymore.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Delicious The Marc Residence
A-6-01 Ground Floor,
No. 3 Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: (Mon-Sun) 11.30am – 10pm