Munich Gastro Bierhaus @ IOI Boulevard

Fame for their pork knuckle, Munich Gastro Bierhaus in IOI boulevard has driven us there for a dinner last Friday. Coming in two wasn’t something good, because we didn’t get the chance to savor the legendary pork knuckle. But nevermind, we believe their other food will be delicious as well.
Seafood Marinara (RM25.90)

The portion was so tiny, looking at it made my girl lost her appetite. OK she isn’t a big eater, but she likes her pasta portion huge. Tony Romas, Itallianies, Capricciosa, etc., they all caught her heart. But this one…she was giving me a —–>>  T_____T  look once it was placed on the table.
She went to an experiment, wondering she could finish them in how many spoonful. So the result was: 10 spoonfuls.
My girl : Finished liaw….T____T. One spoonful cost me RM2.59, not included tax yohh..XD. and it was not nice.
Me: ” Why.. I thought it should be nice.. since you finished so fast “
My girl: ” Not because I fast, is the portion very small. The prawn was overcooked, the mussel was not fresh, squid was tough.. etc etc… T_T. “
Me: ” Aiyo… “
Pork chop (RM24.90)

I was giving a high hope for the pork chop. But one I placed my knife on the meat and started to cut, my expression turned —->> T____T too. IT WAS SO OMG HARD !! Giving it a chew, I found that the meat was tough, dry, hard, tasteless. I really didn’t know what happen to my Friday night meal. Was the pork shop suppose to be like that???
My girl who wasn’t full enough grabbed my knife halfway and tried to steal a piece of meat, but she gave up and ask me to cut for her a piece instead. She said: ” Apasal cannot cut through one? So hard mia. what meat lai de.” =.=
Side vege was ok, saute with butter, I found it a little too buttery.
Mashed potato was ok. Nothing special.
Stepping out from the shop, we were kind of regretted. We should have tasted the famous pork knuckle first instead, because Munich is giving us a bad impression already and we think that we might think twice again before going back for their pork knuckle.
Photographer: Summer
Munich Gastro Bierhaus
IOI boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,