Restoran Clan (大家城点心茶楼) @ Sri Petaling

Woke up at 12pm today, feeling hungry and craving for dim sum. It had been some time since the last time we had dim sum. At first we thought of saving money and have economic rice for lunch but our head kept popping up with har gau, siu mai, chee cheong fan, fong zhao, char siu bao, loh mai gai … etc etc.. We made a trade off between “saving money” and “spending more money” and finally defeated by the eagerness of having dim sum..T__T. So we went to Restoran Clan Dim Sum (大家城点心茶楼) at Sri Petaling for their famous gei wo bao (鸡窝包).

It was almost 1pm by the time we reached but customers were still flocking the shop for dim sum.

The Signature Chicken Nest Bun ( 鸡窝包) aka gei wo bao. (RM5.00)
For those who doesn’t know about gei wo bao, it is actually loh mai gei wrapped inside plain white bun. The taste of gei wo bao was not expectedly good, and the ingredients loaded was quite stingy as well. Nonetheless, I like the slurppy thick gravy topping the loh mai gei, very nice and flavorful.
Besides gei wo bao, we also had ourselves a plate of char siu chee cheong fan, siu mai and fried bean curd roll with meat.
Chee Cheong Fun. (RM4.00)
Taste wise for the chee cheong fan, we felt that the sauce was a little too sweet, and the chilli shrimp paste was not fragrant enough and not spicy at all.
Siu Mai. (RM3.00)
Fried Bean Curd Roll with Meat. (RM6.00)
This one was not bad, very meaty filling with crunchy outer layer as it was served pipping hot. But to be frank, 4 pieces in a plate was too much for us, I think it would be better if the portion can be reduced into 2 pieces, so we can leave some stomach and tried out more other dim sum.
We wish to try out other dim sum creatively invented by the owner such as the Golden bun – ma lai gou  (马来糕)  wrapped in bun and black pepper chicken bun, but were literally stuffed after having these four plates of dim sum. Will try out next time.
Total spend? RM23.50, get a 50 cents discount from the tauke. >_
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
140, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Taman Sri Petaling,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Bussiness hours: 8pm-2pm