Shabu One Steamboat Buffet @ Lot 10

Locating at the 3rd floor of LOT 10, we never know that there is a buffet steamboat restaurant call Shabu One here. Out of our expectation, this place is very crowded especially during dinner time. Paying RM20 each using discounted voucher, we tried out this shop one Thursday.
At the price of RM20 in KL for steamboat buffet, I would say that it was very cheap. Unfortunately, this shop still far lag behind compares to many other steamboat shop in Puchong, Damansara and Sunway area. Their seafood and meat were not fresh, small in size; their cooked food was pretty normal, especially the sour & spicy soup which was terribly taste; and desserts was boring. We don’t bother to come for second time but we wondered why the place can be full house during a normal day with many customers still flocking in by the time we left at 9pm.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: Yling
Shabu One Steamboat Buffet
3rd Floor,
LOT 10 Shopping Centre,
Kuala Lumpur.