Food Republic @ One Utama Shopping Mall (Invited Review)

When Food Republic is first opened in Pavillion KL, it receives a huge response from shoppers, not only due to the cozy design that makes it looks like a high class food court but also reasonably priced food.. After the first outlet, Food Republic launched their second outlet at 1 Utama on July 23. This outlet is located on the second floor of the New Wing, Rainforest. The 13,000sq ft food atrium can occupy 550 customers at full capacity and has 15 tenants with an interesting mix of cuisines ranging from Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Western, Taiwanese and Malaysian. This food court is designed with sleekly modern white interior that adds to a luxury dining experience, boasting a view that no other food atrium can claim.

There is more than 10 stalls in this food court, catering customers with different taste. Among them are Pepper Lunch Express, Hong Kong Roast, Serimuka, Rama 9, Tarbush Express and many more. Browse through this post to find your favorite stall to add up you meal choices when shopping in One Utama!

Stall: Pepper Lunch Express
Salmon Pepper Rice with Cheese. (RM12.90)
You can also add on RM2 for extra cheese.
The concept of Pepper Lunch Express is pretty simple which is COOK IT YOURSELF. What you gonna do is just mix, add pepper sauce, savour the aroma and dig in! It comes with a generous portions of imported salmon and with the addition of extra cheese, corn and egg. Definitely a must try dish.

Stall: Hong Kong Roast

BBQ Chicken Drumstick Rice. (RM7.90)
The BBQ chicken drumstick rice is a family recipe from the owner’s granduncle, who perfected it after apprentising for many years in Hong Kong. It is Halal and authentic, allowing everyone to enjoy the taste of Chinese style roast meats. Besides that, it is absolutely preservative-free and does not use any red colouring to achieve the gorgeous roasted hue. It comes with fragnant rice cooked in chicken stock with a gentle helping of ginger.

Stall: Japanese Cuisine

Salmon Bento Set. (RM16.90)
There are actually chicken, beef and salmon in the menu but we were served with salmon bento set on that day. You can have the options in choosing the set meals which comes along with chawanmushi and a bowl of soup. The bento set is a satisfying Japanese lunch box or bento that comes with rice, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, potato salad, tofu, pickled vegetables and a salmon fillet with a warming bowl of soup.

Stall: Rama 9

Mango Salad.
Fresh and crunchy Thai mango salad with onions, chillies and peanuts in a bright sauce makes for a wonderful appetiser.

Pad Thai.
Both dish for RM9.30.

Pad Thai is considered to be one of the national dishes of Thailand and it looks like our Char Kuey Teow. This complex concoction of flat rice noodles combines fiery chillies with sour lime, a hint of sweetness and a touch of salt with egg adding texture. The owner purposely separates the ingredients on the side so that you can mix it later based on ur tastebuds. The smoothness of the noodles is contrasted with the crunch of fresh, juicy bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and greens. From the picture above, you can see that it is topped with some fresh and tender prawns on it. A little more info for you all, Rama9’s chef is actually from Thailand and this lends to the authencity. The most interesting part is all the ingredients are sourced from Thailand as well.

Stall: Little Wok

Curry Chicken Drumstick with Rice. (RM12.90)

This meal is perfect for people with a huge appetite or for sharing between two small eaters. Rice is topped by a generous quarter of a chicken – the thigh which is smothered in a cremay, piquant Indonesian-inspired curry. It also comes with salad, prawns and a helping of mayonaise for extra creaminess.

Stall: Serimuka

Nasi Dagang. (RM8.90)

Serimuka is one of the stall that served favorites from the eastcoast of Malaysia. Serimuka’s Nasi Dagang included red rice and glutinous rice steamed with herba for an authentic look and taste. It also served with a richly spiced ikan tongkol curry with ladies fingers and a side of acar – lightly pickled pineapple, cucumber, onion and chillies.

Stall: Farm House Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice. (RM6.80)

I guess most of you when coming to the food court, chicken rice will be your first choice if you have no idea on what to eat. The Sarawakian classic steamed chicken rice recipe has passed through three generations of the Chan family. The secret is the herbs and spices that flavor the tender chicken. A sriracha like chilli sauce and ginger paste make this a must have when you crave a simple, hearty meal.

Stall: Western Cuisine
Spaghetti Skillet Salmon. (RM18.90)
Massod Khalil, the founder of Western Cuisine who was also a chef with a well-known hotel chain before striking out on his own. Western Cuisine’s philosophy is that for the best taste there cannot be compromise when it comes to ingredients. The spaghetti is perfectly cooked al dente, lushly coated in a tomato cream sauce with hints of Italian herbs, topped with a skillet seared salmon fillet hits the spot. The real cream that goes into the sauce makes it so yumminess.
Stall: Hot Plate
Portugal Style Stingray with Rice. (RM7.90)
I am a big fan of portugal style stingry and will order it when going to ss15 Asia Cafe everytime. This classic delights served with stingray, ladies fingers, onions and greens in a spicy, sweet sauce that whets the appetite. The stingray is fresh and savoury. It is recommended to eat with rice to achieve great satisfying.
Stall: Tarbush Express
Shish Tawook. (RM15.00)
Shish Tawook is exotically spiced, juicy grilled chicken breasts served with flatbread, garlic sauce, pickled onions and fresh crunchy salad is a treat that many health conscious people crave.

Abd Al-Monaeem, the Chef from Syria showing the two dish for the night.
Tarbush is famous with real Middle Eastern cuisine and now you have the chance to taste the real dish as all the ingredients being used is source from Syria directly. It is definitely a healthy meal and you wont have to worry about the oiliness on it.
Stall: Express Teppanyaki

Express Teppanyaki is a performance cuisine where you can watch the chef cooking your meal in front of you. Interesting right? Express Teppanyaki brings super fresh ingredients to a hot teppan with the addition of secret sauce, chillies, beansprouts, garlic with chop, stir and sizzle makes for an amazing visual and taste sensation.
Chicken Chop Set. (RM13.80)
The food stalls in Food Republic is totally different with other food court out there where you can really enjoy your meal to the fullest.

*Thanks to malaysianfoodie for the invite.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Food Republic
S346-S347, Second Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Business Hours: 10am – 10pm