Bar.B.Q Plaza @ One Utama (Invited Review)

Being a self cooking Mongolian and Japanese Style barbeque restaurant, Bar.B.Q Plaza gives customers the chance to experience self grilling in a fun and lively environment. This unique cooking experience makes dining at Bar.B.Q more enjoyable. Their persistence in serving a selection of high quality meats and fresh vegetables with specially prepared sauce to accompany the meal has made them successful in getting a large crowd queueing for a place to dine in there, especially during peak hour.

In conjunction with the coming Parents’ Day, Bar-B-Q Plaza has launched the Happy Parents’ Day Set which is only available from 12th to 13th May and 16th to 17th June 2012. The Parents’ Day Set is priced at RM78.80++ (normal price RM89.60++) and comes with one Korean Family Set, Thai Fish Cake, Croquette, two glasses of Jasmine Green Tea and two glasses of Honey Peach Tea.

Two glasses of Jasmine Green Tea and two glasses of Honey Peach Tea.
The Korean Family Set which consists of pork, fish fillet, squid, shrimp, sliced cabbage, baby corn, tomato and you mak.
Marinated sirloin, marinated choice beef, marinated chicken, bacon, broccoli, sliced cabbage, baby corn, carrot and udon, which is also included as the Korean Family set.
Close shot of marinated chicken.
The special vegetarian based sauce, which is imported on weekly basis from Bangkok. Thick and made mainly from peanut butter, the powerful sauce is said to bring the forth finest flavour of the morsels of meat and seafood. No more chilli sauce needed.
Condiments in Korean Family Seat.
Croquette. (RM6.00)
Croquette is decent, with crunchy outer layer and soft filling.
Thai Fish Cake
Famous as a Thai appetizer, or usually named as Tod Mun Pla, this little flatten ball shape fish cake make a good snack with the dipping sauce.

Hot plates used in Bar.B.Q Plaza are specially customized, with hot plate at the center for grilling and side area for soup. Some may find that the soup area was too small, but according to the Bar.B.Q Plaza One Utama outlet manager, the soup area is specially designed in that narrow size to lock the sweetness of meat and vegetables in the soup.
Also, there are “how to cook” steps suggested by BBQ Plaza:
Step 1: Pour in chicken stock around the hot plate and grease the lard on the hot plate. Place the vegetables in the soup.
Step 2: Proceed to grill the morsels of meat and seafood on the hor plate.
Step 3: The beef are ready to be eaten when it turns light brown, avoid over cooking as it will affect the tenderness of beef.
Step 4: For other meats and seafood, cook until they turn golden brown.
Step 5: In order to enhance the sweetness of the soup, add more vegetables continuously.
Step 6: Lastly, you may place the udon noodles into the full flavour soup and cook for 30 seconds.

Besides the set,  do order some other popular side dishes in Bar.B.Q Plaza to accompany the meal.
Fried Bacon Roll. (RM7.50)
Bacan strip rolled with enokitake, asparagus and deep fried. The bacon roll is undeniably porky, sinful, complemented by the fair taste of vege to reduce greasiness.
Som Tam with Soft Shell Crab. (RM8.90)
Shredded green papaya and carrot marinated in lime juice, further tossed with spicy crushed peanuts, and topped with pieces of deep fried soft shell crab. A beautifully done Thai salad that is so appetizing, a bite of soft shell crab followed by a mouthful of salad is so delightful.
Grilled Marinated Pork Belly. (RM6.90)
Hot-off-the-grill, this grilled marinated pork belly is full flavour from marinade, oozing with juiciness in each bite.
Fried Rice
Want to have a fuller meal? Opt for their speciallity-garlic fried rice. A little buttery and garlicky in taste, the rice is fluffy and will be loved by those who has a heavy taste.
Fried Chicken Wing with Lemon Grass. (RM7.90)
Flavoured with a scent of lemon grass, the fried chicken is delicious in its own way.
Available in all outlets, don’t forget to pamper your parents with the Happy Parent’s Day Set and make a closer knot with your family through the fun grilling experience at Bar.B.Q. Plaza.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Bar.B.Q Plaza

F338 A, First Floor,

Rainforest (New Wing),
One Utama Shopping Centre, Selangor.