Fang Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ Setia Alam (Invited Review)

With the opening of Setia City Mall in Shah Alam soon, shoppers who don’t prefer dining in the mall might be cracking their head asking where to go for lunch before or after a walk at the mall. If you are really lack of idea, do drop by at Fang Xiang Bak Kut Teh resides in Setia Avenue to taste the goodness of bak kut teh. Not familiar with Shah Alam? Don’t worry, the shop is easily located as it is behind Tesco, same row with Domino’s Pizza.

This shop is spacious and brightly lit, with few kettles of boiling hot water around for the ease of customers to top up their tea. What surprised us is, this shop is run by a young, capable, and pretty girl with sweet smile.

We sampled a few dishes from Fang Xiang. Of course the mains highlights will be their signature Claypot Bak Kut Teh and signature bak kut teh (Chew Pai Bah). =D

Claypot Bak Kut Teh (RM10.90)

Generously loaded with meat, bean curd, vege, button mushroom and fu zhok, this soup is rather light. One good thing is that the claypot bak kut teh comes with a small stove to light up small fire for retaining the heat of the soup, so you can enjoy your pipping hot bak kut teh slowly without hassle.

Chew Pai Bah (RM12.00)

For those who prefer to savor the real taste of bak kut teh soup, this will be the best choice, Without additional ingredients like mushrooms, green vege, beancurd, etc. which will alter the taste of the soup according to the owner, this bowl of bak kut teh retain its originality with thick, nourishing and full flavor soup.

Dry Version Bak Kut Teh (RM11.00)
Having an extra order of dry version bak kut teh besides the soup version seems to be a trend in bak kut teh shop now. Fang Xiang too, serves customers with their flavorful dry bak kut teh. The fat and lean meat is strongly infused with the taste of soy sauce, so sinfully delicious.

Soy Sauce Taufu (RM5.00)
Taufu is dressing with slightly sweet soy sauce gravy and fried shallot. Tasted smooth, baby soft, just nice.

Spicy Version of Pork Vinegar / Di Ka Cho (RM10.00)

Having to know that spiciness will enhance the taste of a dish, the owner creatively added in dry chili into their pork vinegar to create a hint of spiciness. The gravy is really appetizing due to its light spicy and sourness, well to go with a bowl of rice. Two bowls aren’t a problem either as the taste can really open up your appetite. =D

Asam Style Fish (RM12.00)
Dressing with the fiery and soury sauce, the asam fish will definitely give you a kick of taste. The fish is fresh and delicious with the appetizing gravy.

Lettuce with Shallot Oil and Soya Sauce / Yao Mak (RM5.90)

Don’t forget to order a plate of simple iceberg vegetable to balance up the protein and fat you have consume.

Fried Dough Stick / You Tiao (RM2.00)

Rice with Deep Fried Onion Oil

Having a butcher as father, Fang Xiang guarantees you the best and freshest meat. Fang Xiang never keep overnight bak kut teh, everything is freshly cook every early morning. Their hard work is paid off with loyal customers keep coming back for their bak kut teh, not only local, but also Japanese, Indian and foreigners who live and work around the area, indirectly turning this shop an international stop for local delicious bak kut teh.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Fang Xiang Bak Kut Teh
Jalan Setia Prima SU 13/S,
Setia Alam,
40170 Shah Alam,
Business Hours: 8am – 3pm daily
Tel no: 0149696581 (Syvonne Lee)