Royal China Secretaries’ Week & Imperial Dim Sum Duo @ Jalan Bukit Bintang (Invited Review)

The month of April brings the international celebration of Secretaries’ Week and Tai Thong Group has come up with a celebratory gourmet menu just for all the secretaries and office adminitrators who industriously ensure the smooth running of corporate organisations.
Office head can express their gratitude and appreciation to their adminitratrive staff by treating htem to this five-course Secretaries’ Week menu priced at RM79.90++ per person with a minimum order for two (standard price is RM320.40++). Ideal for sharing between two persons, the dishes inlcude Rice with Dried Scallops, Abalone and Shark’s Fin, Pan-Fried Lamb Ribs with Pesto Sauce, Pan-Fried Cod Fish wth Salad Dressing, Stir-Fried Fresh Lily Bulbs with Assorted Nuts and Ginseng with Seaweed Jelly.
Those who are TT Card members will get to enjoy  complimentary bottle of Spanish red wine worth RM68. The Secretaries’ Week menu is available from now until 6 May 2012 at all participating Tai Thong restaurants.

The new look of Royal China Restaurant located along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Emperor Har Kau & Imperial Dim Sum Duo
The restaurant group has also given the supersize treatment to the king and queen of dim sum – the har kau or shrimp dumpling and siew mai or pork dumpling. Dubbed the ‘Imperial Dim Sum Duo’, Group Executive Dim Sum Chef Yiu Wing Keung has recreated the two dim sum classics that are almost double the usual size. Each steaming basket of Imperial Dim Sum Duo (RM13.80++) comes with a pair of har kau as well as a pair of siew mai. The har kau is generously filled with succulent prawn and the siew mai is specially made from the meat of pork chop, so you will be expecting meticulous and meaty taste instead of bouncy texture.Only limited quantities of Imperial Dim Sum Duo are made each day so customers will need to call ahead in order to enjoy these massive delicious morsels.
Introducing the first dish from the Secretaries’s Week menu:
Rice with Dried Scallops, Abalone and Shark’s Fin
Shark’s fin soup with Dried Scallops, Abalone and Shark’s Fin

Fried rice with scramble egg to enjoy with the shark’s fin soup.
“Yu qi lou fan”, a quote that is widely used within Chinese to signify the way of eating boldly and generously, normally by the rich. But now, Royal China Restaurant offers customers the luxury of having this costly dish with a price affordable by everyone. The bowl of shark’s fin soup is thick and sweet with the essence from the generously loaded dried scallops, abalone, shark’s fin, sea cucumber, mushroom and crab meat. Ladling the shark fin soup gracefully into the egg fried rice, the half soupy rice tastes so marvellous, who said you can’t eat like a rich man?
Second dish will be:
Pan Fried Lamb Ribs with Pesto Sauce.
Pan Fried Lamb Ribs with Pesto Sauce
Having lamb ribs cooked in Western style in a Chinese restaurant is quite rare but Tai Thong has taken the first move to have this dish in the menu. Taste as good as it looks, the lamb ribs is smoky and deeply infused with the herb based pesto sauce.
The set is closely followed up with Pan-Fried Cod Fish with Salad Dressing as the third dish.
Pan-Fried Cod Fish with Salad Dressing
Pan fried with least seasoning, the cod fish has a crispy outer layer while the flesh is so soft and fresh without any fishy smell. The salad dressing, doesn’t pair up just as decoration but tasted light and refreshing to complement this pan fried dish.
Forth dish in the set goes to : Stir-Fried Fresh Lily Bulbs with Assorted Nuts
Stir-Fried Fresh Lily Bulbs with Assorted Nuts
Everything on the plate looks so healthy and nutritional, indeed, it is. Tastes mild and non-oily, the combination of sliced lotus root, ginkgo, waterchest nut, celery, sweet bean and macadamia nut made up a good balance for fiber.
Coming to the last dish will be the dessert:
Ginseng with Seaweed Jelly
Ginseng with Seaweed Jelly
Topped with seaweed jelly, this honey sweet dessert is chilling and refreshing, enriched with the subtle taste from ginseng and red dates, truly a perfect dessert to enhance natural beauty.

For more information about Tai Thong’s Secretaries’ Week promotion and Imperial Dim Sum Duo, please call the customer care line at 1800-88-2338 or log on to the webbsite at or Facebook page at

*Thanks to FOOD Magazine for the invitation
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Royal China Restaurant
239, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.