Belanga @ Empire Shopping Gallery (Invited Review)

Buying nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, popiah etc. from Malay stalls and markets has been a practice to Malaysians for long. However, as time goes by, Puan Zainab Shiyuti, founder of Belanga and a Kelantanese by origin, believes that the days of Malay food being served solely in warungs and small eateries are over.  She believes that with proper presentation, emphasis on quality and taste, and good locality, Malay cuisine can make a real, lasting impact locally and internationally. This is because Malay cuisine has the charm, taste and diversity to be promoted and given recognition as international cuisine.
As a result, there born the Belanga Cafe, which is now a famous boutique cafe in The Gardens Mid Valley City, Empire Shopping Gallery, SSTwo Mall and The Intermark. On top of that, The cafe’s atmosphere that is modelled towards a typical Malaysian countryside restaurant that boasts a collection of traditional hand-made crafts and kain songket has brought them a Gold Award for the F&B Hospitality Interior Category of the Malaysia Society of Interior Designers (MSID) Interior Design Awards in 2009.
With quality food with a myriad of home-style authentic Malay cuisine, Belanga has no doubt carved a reputation for its consistency. And now, Belanga Cafe Empire Shopping Gallery is taking a step forward by bringing in Western cuisines into their new menu, and these new flavours and distinct cuisine will be available from June onwards.
Nusantara Ice Blended.
The top drinks in Belanga, featuring a proper selection of Sumatra coffee and secret coffee syrup blended with ice and topped with coffee cue balls. The taste is addictively smooth, fine, with just the right sweetness.
Latte Explosion
Coconut Shake
Coconut shake, a name that makes us think of cooling and refreshing. This drink is indeed cooling, but not as refreshing because it is thicker, creamier, and milkier than we thought of.
Teh Tarik
Using high quality red tea, the teh tarik has a distinct red tea flavor, and not so heavy on milk taste.
Ice Teller
A bowl of colourful dessert bursting with flavours of jackfruit, avocado, coconut and buah kabung.
Al Fungi Olio Aglio Spaghetti
Marinated and chargrilled, the harrisa chicken is tender and flavorful, nestled beautifully alongside with the al dente pasta that has a spicy kick.
Spicy Seafood Asiana Pasta
Linguine asiana pasta tossed with creamy tom yam sauce and mixed seafood, and added with cili padi, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf  to give a hint of spices flavor.
Homemade Beef Ball Pasta Napolitana
Immersed with fresh herbs, light spices and homemade herbs tomato coulise meet balls, the pasta is rather light but the beefy, flavorful and juicy meatballs give a perfect complements to it.
Belanga’s Signature Dulang
Belanga’s Signature Dulangs comes with Chicken with Limau Purut, grilled Prawn Percik, barbeque beef tenderloin with Thai sauce, Acar Awak, rice with caramelised shallots and tossed garden salad. A small feast that give you a taste of everything!
Marinated Black Pepper Chicken
Chicken marinated in black pepper, served over mango lemongrass sauce, shallot parsley rice and cucumber tomato riata. Black pepper and mango sauce? Don worry, the natural flavour of spices and fruits combine in harmony, tastier than you can think of.
Grilled Lamb
Grilled lamb served with Thai lemongrass sauce, meclum salad with homemade salad dressing and mashed potato. No tough cuts, no overpowering gamey taste, the grilled lamb is dressed with luscious tender.
Mashed Potato.
Panseared Normegian Fresh Salmon Steak
Lightly seasoned and pan seared, the Norwegion Fresh Salmon Steak is another dish that combines the natural goodness of fruits, having pineapple sauce elegantly dressed over the steak. Served alongside with mashed sweet potato and tossed garden green salad. I would say that this is a very wholesome dish with all the healthy elements and good flavour come together.
Charboiled Beef Tenderloin
Beef tenderloin served with parsley mashed and saute garlic bak choy. Charboiled carefully, the beef tenderloin is tender, moist with quientessential Chinese flavour shine through, thanks to the Chinese barbeque sauce.
In short, the new menu is Belanga is pretty interesting, or it should be said that all these dishes are indeed creative, for combining the Asian and Western taste to bring out new yet exciting flavors that will surely surprise the diners.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Belanga Cafe
Empire Shopping Gallery,
UG-18, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Petaling Jaya.
Business Hours: 10am – 10pm
Tel no: 03 5631 2780
FB Page: Belanga Cafe