Puzzini Swedish Pizza @ Damansara Utama (Invited Review)

Puzzini Swedish Pizza in Damansara Utama is a small restaurant with pizza as their speciality. It is quite famous among the neighbourhood there. The shop is small and simple without much decoration and seemed empty with only one table occupied when I was there one Tuesday evening. However, the owner was seen busy baking pizza, non-stop and he baked one pizza after another. And I soon learnt that Puzzini Swedish Pizza provides pizza delivery, so I thought their business was very good even during weekdays, not in the shop, but through delivery.

Potato Grating (RM15.90)
Other than pizza, Puzzini also has dishes such as Potato Grating and Fish Grating Med Skaidjur. Potato Grating is a classic and simple dish consists of potato, onion, cream, herbs and topped with cheese then bake until the cheese turned golden brown. Best eaten while it is hot and you can feel the rich creaminess spread beautifully in your mouth.
Fish Grating Med Skaidjur (RM23.50)
Different from Potato Grating, Fish Grating Med Skaidjur has fish and shrimp as main ingredient instead of potato chunks. The fillings are being held using mashed potato that is shaped into a hollow box, and the whole thing is baked together until golden brown. Definitely a wholesome dish with delicious taste.
Pizza Karl Gustav (Regular-RM21.80, Large- RM27.80)
Pizza Karl Gustav is a Sweden’s favourite pizza with beef kebab and lots of cheese. The thin crust pizza is then spread with fresh tomato, onions and black olive and garnished with special kebab sauce.
Venezia (Regular-RM19.00, Large-RM25.00)
A simple pizza with only mushroom and chicken chunks as toppings. Nothing fancy but you will get hooked once you sink your teeth into the cheesy pizza. I do admit that they are very generous with the amount of cheese, which I really like.
Puzzini Pizza (Regular-RM19.00, Large-RM25.00)
Puzzini Pizza is more like a vegetarian pizza with meat ingredients. The pizza base is topped with a mixture of fresh vegetables such as capsicum, tomato, onions, and mushroom, then added with chicken chunks or beef pepperoni of your choice. The juiciness from vegetables, cheesiness from melting cheese, and chewiness from the pizza crust makes a perfect and delightful sensation.
Smaka Pizza ( Regular-RM19.00, Large-RM25.00)
Try on the Smaka Pizza which has marinated chicken, button mushrooms, onions, parsley oil, cheese, and more cheese topping the pizza crust. Taste a little spicy, but at a level that is acceptable even by children.
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Puzzini Swedish Pizza
58, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Selangor.
Business Hours: (Monday-Friday) 11.00am – 3.00pm, 5.00pm – 10.00pm
(Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) 11.00am – 10.00pm