Sanook Bistro & Sports Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya (Invited Review)

Locating on the ground floor promenade fronting a lake, Sanook Bistro & Sports Bar in Plaza Kelana Jaya is a lovely place that offers a wide varieties of scrumptious delicacies from Asia, Europe and America, be it noodles, wood fire pizza, soup, steaks, pasta or cocktails. The place is spacious, comfy and relaxing, and you can choose to dine comfortably in indoor which is air conditioned, or outdoor with cooling breeze caressing your cheeks.
Though the varieties in the menu are already the best, the chef in Sanook has taken some effort to create some new dishes into the menu. What makes the new dishes special are, these brand new menu focus on Fusion food combining the complex and delicate tastes of Asia with the wholesome robust flavors of the West. Ingredients are carefully hand picked and prepared without adding MSG, and most importantly the prices are relatively low and all quoted as net prices in the menu.
Sushi Nori Hailam – 5 Pieces (RM12)
Sushi Nori Hailam, a Japanese sushi inspired treat that creates a new way of eating Hainanese chicken rice. It combines Hainanese chicken rice, slices of broiled tender chicken & cool japanese cucumber rolled in seaweed sheet, served with special ginger chili dip. A Hainanese chicken rice that you can eat with your hands without dirtying it. Simple. clean.

Tom Yum Goong Pisek (RM29)
Genuinely Thai and infused with Thai herbs, the Tom Yum Goong Pisek has a fiery hot, spicy and sour flavour with generous amount of tiger prawn, squids & fish swimming in the soup, served with rice to make a complete dish. You can even request for the super spicy hellish hot if you dare!
Gyro Lamb Pita – 2 Pieces (RM18)
Gyro Lamb Rita has slices of boneless marinated lamb leg, fresh veggies & black olives pocketed in fresh homemade pita bread, served alongside with special yoghurt mint sauce.
Moogus Salad (RM23)
We loved this Moogus Salad, which has grilled sirloin beef tossed in asparagus, wild rocket, roasted red capsium and special house dressing. Drizzled with parmesan cheese powder to enhance the flavour.  A healthy and wholesome flavour for those who want to keep their meal simple and light.
3S Crispy Salmon (RM38)
Fillet of salmon seared to perfection with a crispy skin, served on bed of special 3-taste sauce and accompanied by lime tofu salsa. The salmon is fresh, flaky and appetizing from the sauce that brings a sweet, sour and spicy concoction.
Espresso Chicken (RM25)
Marinated and patiently roasted chicken chop topped with espresso honey glaze sauce is flavouful and tender, lining with pomelo salad, corn mojo, citrus bean salsa, and tortilla chips.
Kim-Yang Lamb Cutlets (RM52)
Instead of using normal marinates and sauces, the chef bravely infuses Korean spices into lamb cutlets and char-boiled to perfection, bringing Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets that lend a tender and spicy Korean flavour that linger your tongue.
Masala Rib-Eye (RM42)
A generous 250g prime cuts of beef rib-eye coated with chef’s special mix of garam masala, grilled to perfection and accompanied with vegetable kebabs. A flavour from the West and Middle East that turn out to be successful.
Big Tree Sang Har Mee (RM22)
For the price of RM22, you get a huge plate of crispy fried noodles braised in prawn gravy, topped with wok fried giant fresh water prawn. The fresh and succulent water prawn is no doubt the highlights, but the thick, eggy and rich prawn gravy too, is surprisingly good.
Lasagna Beef Rendang Padang (RM29)
Homemade chef’s special, delicious lasagna layers lavished with spicy & tender beef rendang & served with garden greens in house dressing.
Massaman Calamari Tagliatelle
Stir fried tagliatelle dish with squids in massaman curry paste.
It only served during lunch time under Pasta eat all you can deal which comes along with free flow of soup, drink and salad. The deal cost only RM 18 nett from 11:30 am till 2:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza (RM33)
A colourful pizza with bright taste, as it combines 3-flavours in one pizza. It has chunks of tuna, sliced mango, chilli, caramelized onions & cucumbers with mozzarella cheese as toppings.
Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza (Rm35)
Thanks to Sanook’s Executive Head Chef, Asrif who has more than 10 years experience in developing fine cuisines and master in combining tastes, textures and flavors, customers in Sanook has the chance to taste on the Sesame Honey Lamb pizza that uses a base sauce of peanut butter, instead of the traditional tomato-based sauce. The sauce pairs well with the sliced lamb, fried garlic & sesame seeds and fresh mozzarella cheese toppings, making it taste fabulous.
Margaret’s Bread Butter Pudding (RM14)
Old fashioned English family favourite bread pudding with egg custard, showered with cocoa powder. Rich, creamy and not too sweet, the dessert is fairly good but better if it can come with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Marie’s Crepe Suzatte (RM17)
Freshly pan-fried french crepes folded into triangles, dressing with creamy fresh orange juice & citrus zest and topped with strawberry and oranges. A zingy and sweet combination that makes you end the meal with a satisfying smile.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar
C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS7/13A, Petaling Jaya,
47301 Malaysia.
Business hours:
Monday to Saturday for lunch & dinner (Saturday dinner and drinks only)
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner : 6.00pm – 11.00pm
Tel: 03-7877 3636