Await Cafe @ Taman Danau Desa

Working on Saturday never makes the girl happy, but a cup of good coffee on the next day puts some smile on her face. Await Cafe at Taman Danau Desa, is the boy’s destination this week to make her girl smile. Located above a wine shop, Await Cafe is a unique coffee house serving single origin coffee in hand drip and syphon style. You don’t see latte, flat white, cappuccino or mocha here, but a sip to their single origin coffee will definitely surprise you. Coffee is the main star in this cafe, but they do serve some light food such as toasts, sandwiches, salad, spaghetti and cakes, just don’t expect extensive varieties.
It was raining heavily, and we were half wet upon reaching there. But the sweet greetings and coffee aroma that filled the air once stepping into the cafe made us forget the gloomy weather outside. Everyone behind the coffee counter wore a smile,  and barista was seen carefully brewing coffee with full concentration.
We instantly fell in love with their stylish decor- plywood floor, white walls with contrasting colours sofas and cushion, soft music and wooden bar counter, totally homey without any commercial feeling.
They have a long list of single origin coffee to choose from: Brazil Santo, Honduras, Guatemala, Sumatra Mandheling, Colombia Supremo, Tanzania, Paloh, Yigacheffe, and Signature Houseblend, all available in hot and cold. The menu explained clearly the flavour, aroma, bitterness and acidity of each type of coffee, pretty useful for novice like us. Not to forget is their Iced coffee which seems equally interesting: The ice honey coffee, ice honey milk coffee and ice drip coffee.
Brazil Santos, Syphon type ( RM11.00)
The girl went for the single origin coffee: Brazil Santos, which has a medium bitterness with weak acidity.
Irish Coffee (RM12.00)
The boy chose the Irish Coffee, which is a warm alcoholic blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, topped off with a thick layer of cream. It brought a light bitter aftertaste, and the alcohol warmed up the throat.
Good coffee, soft music, relaxing ambience — the weekend easily went great.
Await Cafe, we will drop by again.
Await Cafe
9-1-5, Jalan 3/109F, Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: ( Mon-Wed) 11.00am- 8.00pm
                     (Fri) 11.00am-8.00pm
                     (Sat- Sun) 9.00am- 8.00pm
                     Off every Thursday
Contact: 03- 7971 0978
Facebook: Await Cafe