BBQ Buffet @ Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett (Invited Review)

Friday and Saturday are always the happiest moment, for the former is the end of weekdays and the later is the starting of weekend. Dark cloud above the head will be shooed away automatically, as we will be free from all the work that piles up like mountain for two days. Some may reward their hardwork over the week with good food, nice movie or pretty clothes, and for us- of course is food, which we call as Weekend Happy Food.

Last week, we ventured into the Terazza Brasserie at Grand Dorsett Subang again for our Happy Food – the barbequed theme buffet. The BBQ buffet is available only on Friday and Saturday dinner, with a wide spread of gastronomy to satisfy the discerning, barbeque-mad taste buds.

Once arrived, we saw live cooking & grilling station at the Italian Terazzo which is near to the entrance, and the tempting aroma, sight and sound of sizzling fresh seafood made our stomach growl.

We couldn’t wait to indulge into different cuts of grilled fresh seafood such as crab, fish, prawns and squid. Among all, we love the grilled squid in bouncy texture the most. Tender pieces of meat skewers including chicken, beef and lamb were also parts of the highlights, where all are expertly barbequed to keep it succulent and flavorful.

Move on with beef and chicken satay. Aromatic with a little charred surface, every stick of satay is delicious, taste better with the creamy and peanuty sauce.

Opposite to the satay station, grilled lamb and grilled whole fish were waiting to be grabbed by hungry diners. We like the fish, for it was soft and fresh, without any extra seasoning needed.

The girl didn’t care much about the huge sausage at first, but when she stole a piece from the boy’s plate, she wow with the juicy, smoky taste and stood up to get herself a portion. ” Not the usual sausage we got from the frozen department in hypermarket” she said.

Just BBQ? No, Terrezza has more to serve. Pick your favourite cold dishes and appetizer- pasta, potato salads, ceasar salad, sliced sausages with onions and capsicum, bread and cheese.

For a selection of cold seafood served on ice, choose from poached shrimps, clams, mussels, oysters. Sushi are available side by side too, but not much choices.

Rest a while, and continue to pile the plates with hot dishes such as deep fried fish fillet, roasted beef with mushroom sauce, stir fried asparagus with extra ordinary sauce,buttered vegetable, stuffed squid, fried rice and mee goreng. We found the stuffed squid special, as the filling tasted like otak-otak, minus the spiciness.

Don’t leave without trying their desserts, especially the bread pudding. Soft and creamy, the bread pudding goes best with a touch of condensed milk and cream. Fruit crumble is equally good, with a hint of tanginess as you munch along.

The ice cream and chocolate fountain with fruit & candy condiments counter, a sweet counter that young and adults love.

More desserts from the main counter- Opera cake, strawberry cheese cake, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cake, mousse, pudding, mini tarts, cream puff, Nyonya kueh and fruits.

So, don’t forget to pamper yourself with these saliva dropping BBQ delights the next Friday and Saturday.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Terazza Brasserie
Grand Dorsett Subang
Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Buffet details:
(Day) Fridays and Saturdays
(Time) 6.30pm to 10.30pm
(Price) RM98.00++ per person
(For reservations) 03-50316060 (ext: 1903)