Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ Scott Garden, Old Klang Road [CLOSED DOWN]

After so many heavy meals and bad eating habit due to busy lifestyle, is time to settle down again with a healthy meal. We returned to Chef Lim Organic Kitchen at Scott Garden two weeks ago to try out their soon-to-be-launched new menu. Compared to the dishes we tried out last time, which is already in the current menu, these new dishes are less fancy, simpler, more direct. Though they are simpler, but guarantees satisfactory in their simplicity.
Sometimes, simple and back to original is the best.
Soup of Spinah
A dish with no burden, thanks to the soft  texture and light taste of spinach; also, mineral and vitamins laden too! Recommended for the very young and the elder.
Deep Fried Hedgehog Mushroom
The firm and chewy texture of hedgehog mushroom are reminiscent of meat, though it is just wild mushroom. It tastes so good, we don’t mind putting away our favourite nugget and have more of this.
Fried Oyster Mushroom with Special Sweet and Sour Sauce
Crispy like crackers, the deep fried oyster mushroom is addictive, making us to tuck in one after another without much notice. Every piece is slightly in touch with the sweet and sour sauce, bringing in richer flavor.
Needle Mushroom with Bamboo Shoot
Another mushroom dish which is simple, and light in taste. Here, you get to taste the original sweetness and juiciness of needle mushroom, for there’s not much heavy taste ornaments crowding around, except the sauce and some vegetables for colour enhancement.
Golden Jade Roll
Deep fried food is always easily loved by many, same goes to this deep fried bean curd sheet roll with salad. The layered bean curd sheet is airy and crispy in texture, and what reveals beneath after finishing the fu zhok is the mixed vegetable salad in tangy flavour, refreshing enough to rip off the greasiness of deep fried bean curd roll.
Bitter Gourd with Barbeque Sauce
Though the bitter gourd is thinly sliced, it still promotes a sharp bitterness. Luckily the sweetness from the bean curd sheet, wolfberry and savouriness of thick BBQ sauce manage to fix the bitter taste which may not favoured by some ( e.g: the boyfie). But if you are bitter gourd lover, you will love it ( e.g: the girlfie).
Deep Fried Fish with Special Sauce
The deep fried mock fish fillet is handmade using soy bean, and the side is lacing with seaweed to resemble the skin of the fish. Everything is made from natural and healthy ingredients, so no worries on whether you are eating chemical made fish or not. Of course you cannot compare its texture with real fish, but this one is decent enough to make us like it, just better if it could be softer.
Tom Yam Mutton
A pot of tom yam soup in medium spiciness, laden with variety of mushrooms and their stems to resemble mutton meat. Every munch of the shredded mushrooms stems tickles our taste buds, for they absorb the spiciness, sourishness and rich flavour of the pipping hot tom yam soup.
Mango Pudding
We end our meal with mango pudding, which is their signature dessert. This dessert is already in the current menu and it tastes as good as the last time we had it. The pudding is not too sweet, just good to pair with the sweet mango puree. Excellent.
All dishes shown above will be in their new menu soon, and each dish is priced at RM15.90 for small portion, and RM20.90 for large portion. (Expect for mango pudding)
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48, 2-49,
The Scott Garden 4.5 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama 58100,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 10 am – 11pm
Contact: 03- 7982 3395