Green Garden Organic Recipe @ Bandar Menjalara KL (Invited Review)

“Eat more vege, eat more organic food” has somehow becomes the ‘slogan’ of many nowadays, for everyone wants to stay healthier, and this determination grows stronger after consuming too much cholesterol and MSG laden outside food. However, if you were to buy raw organic food and cook at home, your whole meal will turn good, but expensive. Why not pick a place which serves home-cooked, vegetarian, organic and with no trace of MSG food? Green Garden Organic Recipe Restaurant, a humble organic restaurant resides in Bandar Menjalara is a place you should pay a visit to.

Green Garden Organic offers wide variety of organic Chinese, Malay, Thai and Western cuisines, and every dish is free from MSG, eggs and five pungent spices.

This restaurant has supplier straight from organic farms in Nilai, Bukit Tingggi and Cameron Highlands, hence they manage to serve dishes in larger portion, fresh and high in quality while keeping the price low. The quality, price, and taste of their foods have drawn many returned customers, some even bring their own container everyday and da pao for their family. Too bad the shop is available only in Menjalara currently, so we look forward that Green Garden will expand to other places and benefits more people. Anyway, lets have a look at what they got to offer in their current restaurant.

Fruits Tea (RM15.80)

The must have in Green Garden, which is a pot of healthy drink brimming with natural goodness of apple, orange, lemon and passion fruit.

Penang Rojak (RM7.80)
Apple, sengkuang and cucumber tossed with Rojak sauce, a lighter version of the Penang style rojak as the sauce is not as heavy. Interestingly, we found cornflakes within it!

Vietnamese Spring Roll (RM6.80)
The rice roll wrapped with varieties of shredded vegetables has a clean and light taste, drizzled with crashed peanuts for extra texture.

Shark Fin Soup (RM8.80 per pax, RM60 large)
It is without shark fin obviously, but taste as delicious. The flavourful, thick and gooey soup share the same taste with normal shark fin soup, and is generously filled with mushrooms, shredded vegetables, tang hun, we enjoy every spoonful of it. Happily save the world, continues to enjoy the flavour.

Bean Paste Fish (RM12.80 small, RM15.80 large)
Deep fried bean paste fish showered with sweet and sour sauce. Nothing much to say, as it is good and the tanginess opens up our taste buds. A dish that goes well with rice.
Grilled Bacon & Bai Ling Mushroom in Teriyaki Sauce (RM18.80)
Grilled bacon and bai ling mushroom layering one after another is the dish we highly recommended here. Chopstick both slices and eat together, you got the juiciness from the bai ling mushroom and smoky sensation of bacon slice bursting in your mouth. Yummy.

Green Garden Hand Made Bean Curd Roll with Kam Heong Sauce (RM15.80)
One thing we like about dining in a vegetarian and organic restaurant is, we can get bean curd dishes cooked in many different ways, be it kam heong, sweet & sour, or butter sauce. While in non-vege restaurant, you only find them in meat dishes. We like the chewy texture of the handmade bean curd roll, and is so flavourful with the kam heong sauce.

Golden Fragrance Hedgedog (RM15.80)
Love this Golden Fragrance Hedgedog, for it is chewy, nicely coated with creamy and buttery sauce.

Thousand Island Prawn (RM16.80 small, tinRM20.80 large)
You don’t find the Thousand Island Prawn as crispy as those served in non-vegan restaurant or pisang goreng you buy from roadside stall, for Green Garden does not use egg in their flour batter. This is because Green Garden put a respect for vegetarians who don’t take egg, so they put in hard effort in creating their own flour batter. But to us, the Thousand Island Prawn is delicious and decent enough in their crispiness.

Mee Goreng (RM8.80)
Everyone thought that it was spaghetti bolognese. No, it isn’t. It is our local mee goreng, with very local taste of course, but organic version.

Hakka Lei Cha with Rice (RM8.80)
Surprised to find this ” either you hate it or you like it” dish in Green Garden, only to know later that Green Garden is specialize in Lei Cha before fully venture into organic dishes. Taking a small sip, we found that the green tea soup served in Green Garden suit our palate, and hence we bravely ladle a larger scoop onto our rice.
Hawaiian Waikiki Burger ( RM11.80 without fries, RM13.80 with fries)
Handmade using unbleached flour, the Hawaiian Waikiki Burger bun is definitely healthier, taste good lettuce, ham slices, salad and pineapple filling. Add a portion of fries to make your meal more filling. No worries on the fries as Green Garden uses Rice Brand Oil, which can stand up to 360 degree celsius of heat before turning bad.

Hawaiian Pizza (RM16.80)
Very thin pizza base spread with tomato sauce, pineapple, ham slices and cheese. The taste is slightly pale, but still serves as an ideal order for those who want to keep their meal light, or to order for sharing.

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Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Green Garden Organic Restaurant
No.1, First Floor, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-6262 1561/ 03- 6274 7863

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