Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 @ Taman Desa, KL

Tucked away behind rows of shop houses in Taman Desa, near to Faber Tower, Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 is again, another hidden gem to be discovered. Managed by the same owner of Sanuki Udon, this Japanese grilling stall is quietly gaining fame through their fresh ingredients, delicious flavour and affordable price.

To locate Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉, look for a row of flat, then spot the red lanterns, zinc roof wooden cabin, open air seats, and possibly, flames. Seats are limited, and always full. So be thankful if you managed to find one, even it is at the very corner. No fans, no air-con, be ready to dine with mosquitoes, moonlights and the grilling heats.

Choices are limited, and mostly raw items for grilling. Everything is reasonably priced, all fall within RM5 to RM25. Pork belly, pork shoulder loin, pork tongue, pork inards (stomach, intestines, heart, liver, throat),  lamb, rib eye, steak, vegetables are in the list.

Shoulder Loin (RM10), Pork Belly (RM10)
Fresh, non-seasoned meat waiting to be thrown onto grill.

They go the traditional way- charcoal.

Enjoy the grilling session, with the charcoal flames, high heat, sizzling & crackling, oil dripping of pork lard, and exquisite aroma from the meat slices accompanying the dinner.

The end results. Proud with our beautifully done meat with little charred sides, juicy and smoky.

Japanese Rissoto (RM6)
Japanese stewed rice drenched in a bed of savoury soup, thicken with cracked egg. Simple and nothing fancy, but serves as tummy warming comfort food to fill a growling hungry stomach.

Pork Ramen (RM10)

Quite a steal to get a bowl of standard ramen with huge pieces of pork slices and soft boiled egg at only RM10, probably we need to thanks the dining location that doesn’t cause a heafy rental.

Can’t complain much on the taste for the price paid, but overall the ramen is just all right, with rather light in taste and pepperish soup.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉
Center Court Plaza Faber
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: Open daily from 6pm till midnight