Meet the Dilmah t-Series @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

Tea, the second most consumed beverage with a legend of 5,000 years is originated from China, but some may not know that the country that made tea famous in the 19th and 20th centuries was Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka). By producing tea that is vary in taste, quality, character and appearance, Ceylon tea brings a new dimension to tea emperor. All these come from the partial advantages of the land that provide an ideal climate for cultivating tea.

Talking about Ceylon tea, it is not hard that we will think of Dilmah tea, a brand that is founded by Merrill J. Fernando and has their own tea gardens in some of Ceylon’s best estates. Thanks to Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur, we got the chance to savour some of the best premium flavours from their t-Series last weekend, and more understanding on the background of Dilmah Ceylon tea.

The t-Series come in pretty packaging- metal box with sealed package, two metal covers for double freshness protection once opened. T-Series presents a collection of unique flavours, so different that there is a tea that suits your every mood- Natural Roseship with Hibiscus, Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Lapsang Souchon, Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea, Traditional Earl Grey, Brilliant Breakfast, Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers, Pure Peppermint, Rose with French Vanilla, etc.
Other than good quality tea, there is a need for knowing how to brew your tea well too in order to get a soothing and aromatic cuppa of tea.
Spring water is said to be the best for brewing tea, but the cost is on the high side. So filtered water is good enough. Remember to use only fresh water for boiling. Never reboil the water over and over again as this will boil off the oxygen and minerals, affecting the taste of your tea.
Once hot water is ready, steep your  tea bag with 200ml of hot water for 2-3 minutes for light infusion, 4-5 minutes for stronger flavours.
Remove the tea bag after steeping, re-steeping is not recommended.
Dilmah tea plays more than just traditional hot tea, as we can actually integrate real tea with fruit syrups which results a unique concoction that surprises your palate, while at the same time remains the freshness, health and authentic flavours of Dilmah tea.
We tried out three types of designer teas, all done with simple mixology but tasted fantastic. You can even try out on your own at home during hot weather, or prepare as welcome drinks for your guest in home party.
Let’s check out:
Mixology one# Apple syrup + Lemongrass tea + Ice
Mixology two# Orange syrup + Pineapple syrup + Earl Grey tea + Ice
Mixology three# Kiwi syrup + Peppermint tea
We liked the first two mixologies for its icy cold, light, and refreshing flavours. The third will be a great drink for those who really like peppermint. But if you don’t, the taste will be too strong, like for us. Get your own mix and match at home with your favourite syrup, you can make your own designer tea too!
Tea is meant to be paired with pastries to neutralize the sweetness and greasiness. So the hotel was of course, generous enough to prepare trays of doughnuts, macarons, cupcakes, chocolate cakes for us through out the tea session. We didn’t try out all, but we loved the chocolate cake and chocolate bar which were thick, smooth and rich. Perfect match with Dilmah tea.
Excited to try out? Drop by at The Hub in Le Meridien Hotel KL for their premium Dilmah tea with delicate desserts for a satisfactory aternoon tea.
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