Skippys Pizza @ Phileo Damansara I

It has been quite some time from our last round of porky feast,  hence we were overjoyed when we discovered Skippys Pizza. Located in Phileo Damansara 1, this place was so unfamiliar to us even though we passed by quite often. Never thought that there’s hidden gem within this area, as what we knew about this area is just The Star headquaters and Eastin Hotel close by. It was rather quiet when we were there for dinner last Tuesday, probably the crowd for Skippys Pizza came mainly from those working nearby during daytime.
Skippys Pizza started off as a restaurant focused on pizza with delivery service. Pizza + delivery, what’s so special about being another pizza chain that offers delivery service as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Yellow Cab, Canadian Pizza already into this bussiness for long? Uh huh..because Skippys Pizza has PORK PIZZA.
They have been around the town for two years, growing from selling just pizza and few side dishes till now with a long list of delicious fares such as lamb burger, pork burger, chicken burger, chu yuk fan, lamb spaghetti, pork spaghetti, pork ribs, bak kut teh, etc., you have more reasons to pay a visit to this place.
Green Salad (RM9.00)
The first dish on the table had got no pork, but brought in good impression. The greens was especially fresh and crunchy, nice with the light, garlicky, refreshing dressings.
Cheesy Pork Meatballs with Spaghetti (RM18.00)
Spaghetti topped with meatballs and tomato based sauce. Other than the juicy and gentle texture meatballs, the pasta looked nothing special but the sauce had actually done all the tricks, bringing the whole dish into another level of creamy, sweet and tangy concoction.
Aglio Olio (RM15.00)
Garlic, olive oil and chilli flakes, simple ingredients with good taste brought no complains. Skippys Pizza did well for this pasta.
Cheesy Lamb Meatballs with Spaghetti (RM22.50)
Something for carbonara pasta lovers. Cheesy, creamy and big in portion, it is good to order for sharing as the creaminess might make you felt cloying towards the end.
Meat Lovers (12inch – RM32.00), (9inch – RM26.00)
Pork Bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Pepperoni, Minced Pork, and BBQ Sauce
As they claimed themselves as a Real Pork Pizza company, you shouldn’t leave this place without trying their pork pizzas. Though speciallized in pork, seafood and vegetarian pizza, Skippys Pizza also takes in special request, just place order in advance to get your special pizza.
Marc’s Special (12inch – RM32.00), (9inch – RM26.00)
Pork Ham, Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Garlic and Egg
All their pizza dough and sauces are made in house using quality ingredients- dough made using olive oil, garlic and chilli oil made using sunflower oil. Better ingredients, better health, less guilt.
Skippy Special Lamb Pizza (RM33.90)
Minced Lamb, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Olives and Onion
We tried out a few selections that night- the Meat Lovers, Skippy Special Lamb Pizza and Marc’s Special. Thin crust and ingredients laden brought in combinations of crispiness, cheesiness and meatiness, this is how a pizza should be. Perfect Satisfaction.
We liked the Meat Lovers, which had pork, pork and more pork toppings. Marc’s Special was as special as its name, with egg topping over the pizza, creating a touch of eggy fragrance.
Lamb Burger with Fries (RM14.90)
Not only pizza, they had good burgers too.With so many burger shops surfacing in the markets nowadays, each and every shop trying so hard to make a name for their burger. Some work on the types of bun, some work on the types of meat patty, some work on sauces, and some even work on the height and sizes. But Skippys Pizza remained their burger at the most original state: Bun-lettuce-patty-bun. No overloaded seasoning, sauces, side ingrdients. The only fancy thing one might find in their burger list would be lamb patty and pork patty.
Chicken Burger with Fries (RM12.90)
We could easily get full by having only the burger, as the diameter of the bun and patty itself were double the size of those in some famous burger chains.
Pork Burger with Fries (RM12.90)
Giant size, juicy patty, fluffy bun. To enjoy to the full, you might need to forget about the figures you would see on the weighing scale when you stand on it for a while.
Chilly Mussels (RM30.00)
Surprised to find Chilly Mussels here, which was also one of the latest delicious creations by Skippys Pizza. For RM30.00, you get a bowl of fully loaded fresh mussles. Dare yourself to try on the red hot chilli sauce and be ready to get choked over the extra fiery spiciness. To be truth, the sauce was fantastic, and could easily taste good with any other types of meat or seafood…and a bowl of rice.
A Rack of Ribs with Potatoes & Salad (RM23.90)
A great rack of ribs for carnivorous cravings, a touch of smoky, a lot of flavour.
Pork Ribs in 7 Sauces (RM20.00)
Another platter of tender pork ribs slattered with 7 sauces, giving off a sticky and sweet flavour finish. After tasted so many dishes, we learnt that the chef put a lot of efforts on experimenting various home made sauces for different dishes, which we wanted to give a loud applause on. The girl-the sauce lover, fell in love with their sauces, wondering if they could bottled their sauces for sale.
Chicken Wings (RM15.00)
We were too full to tuck in the chicken wings by that time. But judging from its deep-fried-to-perfect-golden-brown look, it wouldn’t far from finger licking good.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Skippys Pizza – The Real Pork Pizza Co.
107 Blok D Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9 Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
43650 Petaling Jaya.
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.649 E101 38.580
Contact: 03-7931 2555
Business Hours:
Sunday – Friday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Saturday: 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Closed on Sundays

Delivery Area:
Bandar Utama, TTDI, Tropicana, Damansara Perdana, SS1-26,Mutiara Damansara, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Subang Jaya, PJ section 4-22, Damansara Heights.
Other areas on request.
No deliveries during heavy rain & thunderstorms
Minimum order RM 30.00, Delivery Fee RM6.00

For Deliveries outside delivery zone, please call: 019 2509347