Ucha 優茶 @ Desa Jaya, Kepong

When was the last time you met with old friends from primary, secondary or university? How long you all have been apart, not keeping in touch? U-Cha, a bubble milk tea shop with the flagship ” In those days, we had tea together” ( 那些年,我們一次喝過的茶)reminds us all the good old memories and laughter we had together with back in school, giving us the urge to meet up with all friends we have lose touch with.

U Cha is proud to announce themselves as a local franchises, not from Taiwan. Instead of preparing a large pot of tea and use according to orders, they use tea bags in making tea base drinks. When there’s an order, they will use fresh tea bag to make the drinks. Everything made upon order, freshness guaranteed.

Paddy Fragrance Milk 稻香奶茶 (RM4.90 – Regular ; RM5.90 – Large)
With so many choices available and all seem taste good, we narrow down to a few which are highly recommended. One of them is Paddy Fragrance Milk- A unique milk tea with mouthful of paddy fragrance, smooth and mellow in flavour.
Coconut Smoothies 香椰冰沙 (RM6.90 – Large)
Prepare using fresh coconut meat and coconut juice, the coconut smoothies is not doubt healthier, fresher and thirst quenching.
Japanese Macha Smoothie with Tremella 日式雪耳抹茶冰沙
Green tea, milk, and red beans are always the best friends to come to together to make a perfect drinks. The addition of dietary fiber and tremella into the drink put an extra points for the drinks to promote healthier digestive system and natural beauty.
Fujiyama Roasted Milk Tea 富士山烤奶茶 (RM4.90 – Regular ; RM5.90 – Large)
A drink that can easily satisfy your palate over a hot afternoon. Light and smooth in flavour, this simple drink is good even without bubbles, grass jelly and other fancy ingredients added to it.

Other than drinks, there’s also some light snacks available at Ucha such as non-oil cooking nuggets, crispy chicken chop, mexican bun, cheese sausage, and jumbo sausage to pair with your drinks. Besides, they also provides delivery service. Just call their delivery hotline at 03-62622553/03-62746464 (Desa Jaya, Kepong), 07-3612721/010-6660108 (Taman Johor Jaya, Johor), 016-8899712/0168899710 (Kuching, Sarawak).
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Ucha (Malaysia HQ)
No.7, Jalan 54,
Desa Jaya, Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel. no: 03-6262 2553, 03-6274 6464, 016-992 1163
Email: admin@ucha.com.my