Maliqa Mediterranean Restaurant @ Plaza Damansara Bukit Damansara

Located nearby famous restaurants like A Li Yaa, Aria, Jarrods and Rawlin, The Humble Chef, Sid’s Pub, etc. Maliqa Mediterranean Restaurant stands out in her own unique way serving a wide variety of food ranging from Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, Greek to Spanish.
The name of the restaurant, Maliqa, carries a beautiful story: A talented and beautiful queen from a far exotic land was forced into exile in Malaysia, and she missed the gastronomic royal dining experience she had back in palace. So she resembled her experience into this restaurant called Maliqa, sharing Mediterranean and North Asian cuisine with secret recipes she had. Hence, Maliqa is crowned with a tagline ” Soul Food Fit For A King”, as dining experience and cuisines here are much like for Queens and Kings.
Pirincli Yogurt & Carbasi (RM12.90)
Our ‘royal dining experience” started with Pirincli Yogurt & Carbasi, a lovely savory version of yogurt! Being skeptical at first, we wondered how a savory yogurt would taste like, plus it looked very plain physically. But to our surprise,  it was really really good. Not the very creamy type, natural flavour, soothing and perfect for rainy days. Drown with bits if short rice and minced chicken for extra chews.
Brushetta Salmon (RM12.90)
Crispy sliced French loaf topped with smoked salmon and salsa sauce. Savory and tangy concoction, appetizing as a starter.
Pizza Volcano’s (RM26.90)
Spiciness and juiciness took place. Bread base was thin, crispy, while the tomato pesto was where the juiciness came in, continued with toppings like ham, chilli flakes and pineapple.
Lamb Pilav (RM30.90)
Something Meditteranean. Risotto cooked till soft and creamy, pairing with Australian lamb shank which was braised till tender, herbs infused and easily fall off the bone.
Roast Chicken (RM23.90)

The boy like the black pepper sauce. Tender chicken showered with flavour packed black pepper sauce. Not to say fantastic, but the robust flavour of the thick creamy sauce earned extra points. Paired with mashed potato that the girl liked, crumbly with munch, not the mashed to total soft and creamy type.
Funghi Fritta (RM13.90)
The Funghi Fritta already turned soggy when we started to tuck into it, probably due to the long duration of photography by photographers. Nonetheless it was still juicy, and we believed that it would be a perfect appetizer if was eaten pipping hot once served.
Moussaka (RM23.90)
Plenty of characters came in this highly recommended dish. Eggplant, soaked with salted water and pan fried in olive oil. Ground beef, onion, garlic, cinnamon was sauteed till fragrance. Fresh plum tomatoes was chopped and cooked till thick, soft and creamy. Everything was then layered in a container, topped with kefalotiri cheese, baked till browned and served. A total cheesy, creamy and heavy combination. On word: Good! Recommended for sharing to avoid greasiness.
Maliqa House Steak (RM46.90)
Beef steak smothered with cheese, mushroom home made sauce. Tenderly soft.
Burritos Beef (RM24.90)
Tortilla wrap and filling salad, tomato, minced beef, smoke beef, thousand island and cheddar cheese. Minced beef and cubed vegetable rolled in paratha. Two rolls , seems small in portion but can be filling enough, ideal for those who wants to keep their meal light and healthy.
Penne Arabiata (RM19.90)
Penne cooked with chicken, black olives, tomato sauce. Very clean and light flavour.
Panna Cotta (RM8.90)
Being a sweet tooth, the girl always eager to have dessert after meal but afraid of high calories. She was happy to find this healthy dessert, yogurt base panda cotta which was creamy and light with a hint of aroma plus sourishness from the lemon. Hidden beneath was apricot. Lovely and the girl licked the glass clean.
Tiramisu Cake (RM8.90)
The tiramisu, however, was pale comparing to their panna cotta. Still some room of improvement to reach the airy, soft and melt in mouth texture.
Thanks to the chef and one of the owners for the lovely dinner.
Other than their ala carte menu, Maliqa also serves set lunch, weekday and weekend, or to say: everyday, including public holidays. Choices for set lunch is extensive and is really a great deal. Dessert, soup, drinks, spaghetti, chicken, lamb, beef, you will be spoilt with choices. Visit Maliqa, enjoy the atmosphere and dine like a queen and king!
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
No. 49, Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Plaza Damansara Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel no.: 03-2095 0002
Business Hours:
Mon – Thu: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Fri: 4:00pm – 11:00pm
Sat – Sun: 11:00am – 11:00pm