Oriental Cravings @ One Utama

Walking from one end to another end in One Utama is really tiring, especially when you are in a hungry state. And that is what we did when looking for Oriental Cravings (風味小舘) for lunch one day in One Utama. Luckily the food there was satisfying, making our long walk worthwhile.

Oriental Cravings showcases a cozy interior, with reminiscence that transport you back to the good olden days – Uneven marble floorings, wall tiles, framed photos in black & white, antique fans, wooden chairs, etc.. Oriental Cravings menu focuses on Oriental dishes as the name implies, having a list of comfort, home-cooked dishes.

Lap Mei Fan
Our Lap Mei Fan from came in a hearty portion, nicely presented, smells nice too. After few bad experience with bland, tasteless Lap Mei Fan, we are glad that Lap Mei Fan in Oriental Cravings is more than satisfying, flavourful, definitely up to the standard.

Fluffy rice packed with wonderful flavours of lap cheong, preserved duck and and duck liver sausages. Further encapsulated with faint hint of aromatic oiliness rendered from the waxed meats that made every spoonful so delicious, yet sinful. But we didn’t bother much, since we only had it once in a while.

Fine shaved ice showered with gula melaka, sided with cendol. We like that gula melaka is used, as it infuses extra fragrance in it, not just pure sweetness.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Oriental Cravings
Lot 359 Ground Floor, Rain Forest
One Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)
Bandar Utama.
Tel no: 03-7727 2581