Happy Birthday with Dancing Ballerina by Junichi Yamaguchi @ Coffee Stain by Joseph, Publika

Other than Dr Cafe, Coffee Stain by Joseph is our favourite hang out places in Publika. This place never get over noisy, even when it is fully occupied, which is the plus point as we can spend our weekend there, enjoying good cuppa of coffee while doing our own chores.

Without notice, our favourite coffee place has turned one-year-old recently.Thanks to Nigel and Suyin, we had the chance to join in their birthday party last Friday- not grandly held, but fun filled.

Happy birthday Coffee Stain!

Lots of finger food were lined up for guests to indulge- small, petite, bite size and everything tasted so good. We piled our plates with sausage sandwich, salads, pizza, pasta, mango pudding, chocolate cake, macarons, cream puffs, etc.
Whats made the anniversary event happening was the arrival of Junichi Yamaguchi, the famous world-class Japanese barista specially invited by Coffee Stain to give chances for guests to get a taste of his special hand crafted coffee with beautiful latte art.

Yes, we adore him. He is a self thought latte artist, with books and videos as guidence. From being a office worker in an Indian goods company to being a barista, the transition was a sudden thought, and his success today, is unpredictable.

His learning process was painful without mentor, and he almost gave up at a point when he failed to draw the latte arts he wanted to. Furthermore, most family members and friends are not showing full support in his passion.

He continued to strive with determination, spending four hours every day, using 10 litres of milk daily jsut to practice latte drawing. When he finally created ‘Ballerina’ pattern, which turned out to be his signature latte art pattern today, he was overjoyed. But the truth is, all this doesn’t happen overnight.

The sacrifaction behind all these achievements, is more than we can imagine. After four years, Junichi is now master of barista and coffee art instructor, travelling around the world to share his skills to new learner, barista as well as coffee connoisseur.

He moved on further by participating in Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship since 2011, Blenz Coffee Latte Art Competition 2012 in Japan, and for this year, his joining in Coffee Fesr Latte Art Competition in Chicago had won him second place. #Big claps#
Despite all these achievements, Junichi still remains humble and friendly, wearing smiles on face all the time. To him, the greatest satisfaction is to see his customers enjoy the pretty latte art created by him. So, snaps more pictures. Like what everyone did in the party that night.

Everyone was surrounding him, non stop taking photos of him making latte art. Love, rosetta, ballerina, we werre free to ask for our choice. all the guests were so excited, when the cuppa of coffee with beautiful latte art were handed to them. Just, we were suffocated among the crowd, kind of.

Not to forget, there’s also lucky draws in the party.
Congratulations to all lucky winners!
So, here ends the anniversary party. Definitely a great and memorable night to have Junichi Yamaguchi and the coffee team in this party. Happy birthday to Coffee Stain again! We will drop by here again very soon. =)

Coffee Stain by Joseph
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