Bao Ho Chiak @ Ara Damansara [CLOSED DOWN]

Tucked away at the corner of shop lots in Ara Damasara, Bao Ho Chiak is a new place that serves a wide variety of quality dim sum at a reasonable price. The place was rather quiet during our visit there, which was unusual for a dim sum shop, especially it was weekend.

We doubted the quality at first, but after trying few dim sum, we were glad that everything was good, probably the place is still new and more public exposure is needed. Do give a try here when you are craving for dim sum.

Usual dim sum such as Xiu Mai (燒賣), Fish Ball (魚丸), Har Mai (蝦餃), Dong Gu Zheng Ji (冬菇蒸雞), Gu Zhi Zheng Feng Zhao (鼓汁蒸鳳爪), Shui Jing Jiao (水晶餃), Suan Zhu Juan (酸竹卷), Jiu Chai Jiao Zi (韭菜餃子) range from RM3.50 to RM4.50, quite reasonable.

Among all, Guai Wei Dou Fu (怪味豆腐) was memorable. It is made with minced meat shaped into balls and deep fried till golden brown and drenched in thick brown gravy. Bitting through the dim sum, crackling crispy outer layer is followed by juiciness of meat within, flavour added with the sauce that showcases savoury and sourish concoction.

For deep fried items, they have Xiang Cui Xia Juan (香脆蝦卷), Zhi Ma Jian Dui Zi (芝麻煎堆仔), Mian Xian Gao (面綫糕), Yu Jia (芋角), Sha Lui Xia Jiao (沙律蝦餃), Pi Dan Juan (皮旦卷), Sha Lui Yui Tiao (沙律油條), Ma Ni La Chun Juan (馬尼拉春卷) and more.

Mian Xian Gao (面綫糕) is the speciality of the shop where you can’t find else where. This has mee suah compressed into squared shape, then deep fried into golden brown. Rather interesting for the chewy and crumbly munch of mee suah.

Moving on to bun section, we are surprise to find out a long list of bun varieties that the shop has to offered. Other than Da Bao (大包), Char Siu Bun (叉燒包), Red Bean Bun (紅豆包), Kaya Bun (加央包) and Lau Sha Bun (流沙包), there is also preserved vegetable bun (特色梅菜包), Peanut Bun (花生包), Braised Meat Bun (扣肉包), Curry Chicken Bun (雞肉咖喱包), Black Sesame Bun (黑芝麻包) and Lotus Bun (蓮蓉包).

While the char siu bao doesn’t go into our memorable list, the preserved vegetable bun and braised meat bun do. The former especially, turned out to be the favourite of the girl. Generously filled with chopped preserved vegetables filling, the flavourful, savoury filling paired perfectly with the slightly sweet, fresh and fluffy bun. Recommended.

A further talk with the lady owner, we get to know that besides selling dim sum with a shop front, the restaurant also focuses in manufacturing different types of bun in large quantity and distribute to places like coffee shop, cafe and certain restaurants.

Due to the large production quantity, Bao Ho Chiak manage to keep the price low for the dim sum they are selling. If there is anyone who are interested to get their superb Mui Choi Bao, Kou Yuk Bao or any other dim sum in bulk quantity, you can always can them up for further enquiries.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Bao Ho Chiak

No. 87-G, 87-1,

Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX, Ara Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Ara Damansara.
Tel no: 013 – 341 8671