Celebrate MIGF 2013 with Nook @ Aloft KL Sentral

Being one of the latest hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Aloft boasts some great architectural features, from rooms, restaurants to public areas. Same goes to Nook, the restaurant in Aloft that showcases sleek, modern yet funky designs.

Here, you will get a glimpse of high ceilings and large French windows accentuates the white floor tiles and light green coloured padding. The design and use of colour are bold, where it is awesome to see eye-catchy green colour, transparent glasses, shinny surface, industrial steel columns and pillars all come together in one space for a perfect match.

Cool and spacious environment aside, in Nook you are not restricted to one dimensional seating areas. with 144 pax of capacity, you can choose to sit at the large tables overlooking the busy KL Sentral or relax yourself at the private booth with high chairs and tall tables, bedecked with lime green carpeting.
Now, you have more reasons to visit this unique restaurant as they join in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2013 (MIGF 2013) which will happen from 1st to 31st October. Being their first year in MIGF, the restaurant has opted for a fusion menu with strong thread of Japanese running through.

Chef Steven Seow is the man behind the menu creation, an experienced cook who has received solid culinary advice from his American aunt and made a name for himself through his drive and determination. Renowned Scottish chef further enhanced his experience, and then he moved to Paris to sharpen his skill in classical French cuisine at a well respected, Michelin-starred restaurant. The chef finally returned to Malaysia with Executive Chef position at Nook, serving top-notch offerings together with his team.

For this special festival, the restaurant start the menu with Smoked Scallop Umai Sushi, Duck Confit with Pomegranate and Yogurt Sphere. Paired with Villa Maria Chardonnay, New Zealand. The flow goes like this: try the Scallop Umai Sushi, then Duck Confit with Pomegranate and finally Yogurt Sphere.

Tucking into the Scallop Umai Sushi, surprises come in as the seasoned scallops were very smooth plumped with juiciness, paired just perfectly with the sticky sushi rice smoked with lemongrass and wood. A strong flavour showcases by the humble sliced vegetable, heavy smokiness.
Continued on with duck confit, a blend of flavourful duck confit with a touch of herbal taste, crowning with crispy duck skin. Have it along with pomegranate for a juicy tanginess.
The last to be savoured will be the yogurt sphere sitting on top on a bed of raspberry sauce which also beautifully swirled across the plate. Playful texture that gives a popping fun, as creamy yougurt oozing out once bitting through.

The second dish we have mains, Sarawak Lobster and Abalone Laksa with Organic Soba Noodles. Sarawak laksa has always been the signature dish in Nook and in conjunction with the festival, the chef has brought in Japanese twist by using Soba noodles as the carbs base. Loaded with heafy of spiciness and medium thickness, this Sarawak Laksa is fiery and appetizing in every mouthful.

The noodles is also specially presented to pair with Leffe Blone which is light and easy to drink, an alternate savouring between the beer and broth manage to tone down the spiciness, leaving a sweet note behind. Definitely a pleasant pairing of East and West.

Together with the noodles served grilled lobster and abalone, adding a touch of luxury. Not the best but still passable.

Also, diners can choose to have Wagyu Beef Rendang, Farm  Vegetables, Achar Jelatah, Tumeric Coconut Rice. Wagyu beef was soft and tender, almost melt in the mouth and generously clothed with rendang gravy in mild spiciness, goes well with the coconut rice mingled with faint hint of tumeric fragrance. Paired with Madfish, Shiraz, Australia that promotes a sweet berry note. Divine.

End the meal with Eight Treasures Ais Kacang, a colourful platter of Ais Kacang laced with Eight Treasures namely jackfruit, strawberries, sweet potato, mango, pine seeds, pineaple, lblueberries, ychee, sago and grassjelly, topped over with vanilla ice cream and fresh wild berry. Along with the dessert there is an array of fun filled locally infused syrup in syringes- salted palm sugar, cornflakes creamer, rose and strawberry syrup and orange lemongrass syrup. Enjoy your own and add the ‘molar’ of syrups according to your liking.
The light menu priced at RM160+ per person which comes without the Sarawak Laksa from set listed blow. The Go Strong menu – is the full menu, which is priced at RM180+ per person and the Go Strong menu is the full menu with wine and beer pairing is priced at RM280+ per person. The MIGF set menu is available through lunch and dinner and in both September and October.
Festival Menu:
Smoked Scallop Umai Sushi, Duck Confit with Pomegranate and Yogurt Sphere
Villa Maria Chardonnay, NZ
Sarawak Lobster and Abalone Laksa with Organic Soba Noodles
Beer Leffe Blone
Wagyu Beef Rendang, Farm Vegetables, Achar Jelatah, Tumeric Coconut Rice
Madfish, Shiraz, Australia
Eight Treasures Ais Kacang
Coffee & Tea
Full Festival Menu Price
RM280++ per person with wine & beer Pairing
RM180++ without wine & beer pairing
*Light Menu Price
(Light Menu not inclusive of Wagyu Beef Rendang)
RM160++ per person with wine
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Level 1,
Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 6am- 12am
Email: nook.03758@alofthotels.com
Contact: 03 – 2723 1154
Website: www.aloftkualalumpursentral.com