TeaTime Set @ Ten28ight Boutique Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Stepping into ten28ight cafe, what attracted us was the green lawn pieces that stretched out vibrantly, divided by small section of wooden floor in the middle. The entire place wasn’t big, but every corner stood uniquely in their own way. Different chairs and tables were elegantly arranged in this small, cozy cafe- Round glass table with English vintage chairs; modernized coffee table and sofa in a contrast of red and dark brown coloured; and simple wooden table and chair with thin cushion. Feel free to choose your favourite section to spend your lazy afternoon.

In fact, the owner did not follow the trend of throwing huge capital to bring in a stylish, modern environment. Small and chic garden boutique theme successfully bring up the personality of this place. Manned by a lady at her retiry age, the main intention of this cafe was to provide fresh, quality food in reasonable price instead of gaining profit. While the whole ambience gave us an impression that Western food would cover up the whole menu, surprisingly what listed out in the menu were mostly homecooked traditional dishes. You can even find Char Kuey Teow and Tau Yuk Bak here. But we do found something that suit the theme of this little cafe the most- The tea time set.

Available for 2 or 4 persons, the tea time set came laid out beautifully in a three tier old-fashioned English tablewate, with the top part being the savoury finger food, followed by sweet dessert on the second and top most tier. Appealing.

The savoury pastries cosist of curry puff, samosa and quiche. Glad to find this offering,  though simple but brought a change as what we always seen in Englisht tea time set bottom tier will be just finger sandwich. Samosa was great, crispy and bursting with creamy, mild spiciness filling. Curry puff was good too, also fresh and crispy in every munch, but we preferred samosa over the curry puff. Thumbs up to both of these pastries, as they still remained fresh and crispy with no sign of soggy or turning oily though after long hour of photoshooting.

Followed by the second tier, we had macarons and parfaits. Loved the parfait. Very puffy, airy pastry sandwiched with chopped fresh berries and whipped cream. The sandwiching cream seemed thick and creamy, but it was actually a very light munch that didn’t make us felt cloying even after indulging two to three pieces!

The top tier was cheese tarts and fruit tarts. Crunchy pastry nestled with velvety smooth, creamy filling, topped over with kiwi, mango and berries to balance up the creaminess. For cheese tart, ten28ight version’s was on the pillow-soft side. So do not expect a dense, thick and cheesy cheese tart here, but it was no doubt a good try to have a swap towards light version cheese cake. You might fall in love for it.
Together with the Teatime set, diners can choose to have their choice of cake from the counter, and a pot of flower tea, coffee or tea. We had the Early Grey tea, and choice of Tiramisu and Mango Cheese cake.

Bright, yellow coloured mango cheese bedded with biscuit crumbs, topped over with fresh passion fruit. It was delicately smooth, custard type and what made the cake different from the rest was the brilliant topping that brought in a tangy, sourish sensation, instantly woke up the appetite. creamy and sourish concoction. A little thing made a big difference.

Happy to know that Tiramisu here is infused with Kahlua! To us, Kahlua was always the essential ingredient in making Tiramisu. A Tiramisu could hardly be called as Tiramisu without Kahlua. Ten28ight handcrafted a nice Tiramisu, airy mascarpone cheese on top, with soggy lady fingers deeply soaked with the flavours of Kahlua. #Feeling satisfied.
Plan a day here and keep yourself away from the hustle of city and people, lay back and enjoy a set of moreish Afternoon Tea Set with friends, family or loves one.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe
(Same row with True Fitness)
No. 10 G/F, Crystal Villa 2,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Jalan 22B/70A,
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ten28ight
Contact: 03-6201 2628, 03-6201 6828
Business Hours: 12.00 pm- 8.00 pm (Mon- Sat)