Vintry- Experience Wine @ Persiaran Ampang, KL

If you were looking for a cozy and quiet restaurant with intimate ambience, trust us, Vintry Ampang serves as one of the most ideal places. This restaurant is a hidden gem situated next to a residential area, humbly serving great food and affordable wine. Stepping inside, we smelt the air of tranquility, showing a strong contrast with the hustle and bustle of KL city which is just miles away.
Blocks of bricks are decked up as the background wall, with hue light and wooden furnitures creating a harmony environment, ideal for casual gathering. Decoration is simple, but the rows of wine cellars that gracefully lined up with impressive choices of wine has certainly level up the momentum of this restaurant.
Wondering on story behind the huge collections of wines at first, only to know later that the Managing Director of Vintry, Mr Wong Yin-How is actually an expert in wine. He has completed the Intermediate and Advanced Levels of the distinguished United Kingdom Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) examinations with Distinctions, and the Diploma Level with Merit. He is currently the student of the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine, and also the only Malaysian pursuing this qualification. When he completes the courses, he will be among the 200+ expert in the world holding this qualification.

Apart from that, Mr. Yin-How is the committee member of the Malaysian Chapter of the International Wine and Food Society of Kuala Lumpur, actively joining in vibrant food and wine industry activities. More recently, he was a judge at Decanter Magazine’s first Asia Wine Awards in Hong Kong, the only Malaysian in the panel of international judges. Though holding a professional qualification and success, he is very humble, soft spoken and polite person. Great man.

Having a superior with knowledge in wine, his staffs are professionally trained too in order give advice to diners on which wine is ideal to pair with your food. So no worries if you didn’t see Mr. Yin-How around during your visit, as the staff can always provide some good recommendation to you. Good wine must be paired with good food, continue reading to find out what the menuoffers, mostly heavy-pork loaded.
Roti Babi (RM15)
First served was the premium version of the Roti Babi we always had in coffee shop, would be available on Vintry soon-to-release new menu. Soft fluffy bun breaded and deep fried to golden bun to create a crispy outer layer followed by pillow soft texture, stuffed with flavourful minced pork. Paired well with the tangy, smoky BBQ sauce that brought up the whole flavours of the roti babi. Great for sharing as it could be quite filling.
Vintry Roast Pork (RM9/100g)
One of the signature starters in Vintry where pork belly was first roasted and then crackled with traditional homemade recipe. Result was perfect crispy crackling skin to set off the succulent roasted pork with balanced layers of fat and lean meat, definitely pieces of goodness that would entices the palate of many.
Honey Fried Cheese (RM20)
Truly enjoyed the Mohan cow cheese enrobed in bread crumb and deep fried, then dressed over with honey. Cheesy, oozy and creamy cheese accompanied by crispiness once biting through, with the savouriness balanced up by the sweetish of honey sauce.
Cheese Baked Mussels (RM19)
Cheese Baked Mussels scored fairly, where mussels were fresh while the topping of cheese sauce added extra cheesy sensation.
Lamb Satay
A starter that brought in crossover of local taste and Middle Eastern flavours. It was chewy, packed with distinct flavours of Middle Easten spices, but the creamy, peanuty satay sauce managed to get us back into the world of local. The only let would be the gamey taste, but this fusion dish is believed to be a hit in Vintry for those who like skewers with Middle East flavours.
Yakitori Chicken (RM16)
While pork is the main attraction in Vinty, diners can also find a number of non-pork delicacies from the menu, which are all as good such pan fried scallops, Buffalo wings, smocked duck breast and cereal prawn, just to name a few. We tried the Yakitori Chicken, an appetizer that would easily liken by many due to the tender pieces of chicken wing, finger licking good with secret sauce brushed over.
BBQ Pork Ribs (RM42-medium portion, RM52-large portion)
The must have signature dish which has been around for 10 years, first served in their joint- Ribs by Vintry. Unlike most places where they just bake their ribs and rubbed with BBQ sauce, Vintry took the effort by first slow bake the ribs to lock the moisture and juiciness, followed by char-grilled and glazed with BBQ sauce to get a beatiful ribs. We liked the slightly charred surface- glossy, sloppy, smoky, packed in flavours.
Honey Mustard Ribs (RM118)
Spanish Pork Tberico ribs with seeded mustard and drizzled with honey. This was a real good stuff that meant to be savoured, chewed slowly, and we didn’t mind eating with hands. Finger likin’ good. Priced at RM118, the very large portion of ribs could feed two, sided with salad and deep fried potato cubes for a full, satisfying meal.
Tom Yum Spaghetti (RM46)
Inspired from Thai signature Tom Yum dish, this Thai-meets-West Tom Yum Spaghetti certainly needs a highlight. Bringing a twist from the traditionl aglio olio, carbonara and marinara pasta, this Tom Yum Spaghetti gave a contrasting flavours of spicy and creamy goodness from the Tom Yum sauce, coating perfectly every strand of silken pasta to maximize the fiery oomph. Tossed together with pork croutons and mushroom for extra bites. On top of the pasta, laced four huge Tiger prawns that will definitely bring back the value of the RM46 you pay for this hearty portion of pasta. Thumbs up.
Pan Fried Seabass (RM52)
Tender and fleshy, the fish was good on its own without needing any dressing to liven it up, but spreading the citrus butter sauce did gently enhance the overall creaminess. Served alongside with cubed potato and salad.
Chocolate Brownie (RM14)
We were very full by the time dessert reached, but we never want to miss any sinful dessert in Vintry. The girl could always fork out some room for her favourite dessert. Vintry’s chocolate brownie was thick, dense and chocolaty loaded, crowned with large scoop of vanilla ice cream. A fairly simple dessert with quality.
Fried Mars Bar (RM14)
We found this dessert noteworthy. Invented in Chippie in Scotland, thi special sweet treat is now availabe in Vintry, rarely found in other places in Malaysia. Imagine chewing on a piece od deep fried chocolate Mars bar with a decadent caramel centrer flowing out, oh-so-delicious with a spoonful of icy cold vanilla ice cream!
In short, every dish we had that night was really good, every dish was worth recommended, except the cheese baked mussel which seemed to be fall short of taste compared to others. Do give this place a try, and pair your food with the wide choices of wine. Who knows, you may meet your favourite wine here!
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
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