Flavours Of The Mediterranean @ Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ

This October, Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya will bring diners through a Mediterranean gastronomic experience, serving a vast choices of Mediterranean cuisines, allowing diners to dine on the traditional tastes and aroma of Meditteranean dishes. All these dishes are carefully crafted by the Head Chef Chew, who armed with years of experiences in different cuisines.

Crustacean Platter (RM35)
Start the meal with Crustacean Platter, a platter consisting gratinad shrimp swampi, oyster rockefellaer and marinated octopus. The fresh oyster is baked with Parmesan cheese and Mozerella cheese, bringing a cheesy counterpoint to this raw flavour.  Octopus is marinated with sesame oil and chilli flakes, hence promoting a spicy kick, juiciness added with vibrant colour melon cut placed beneath. We don’t take octopus, but it was good according to one of our friends.
Turkish Lamb (RM30)
New Zealand lamb is marinated one day ahead with lemon juice and rosemary to get all flavours enveloped within, then grilled to perfection to get a very smoky, flavourful and tender end result. Served together with cinammon raisin rice for a complete meal.
Spanakopites (RM20)
A Greek savoury pastry having minced chicken, feta cheese and spinach encased within a fluffly, flaky phyllo pastry. Mouthful of savoury combination complimenting the buttery pastry to make up a balanced flavours.
Salmon Ratatouille (RM28)
Lightly pan seared, the salmon showcases crisp outer layer, with moist and tender texture locked inside. Teamed with a bed of rich, tomatoey ratatouille comprises of cauliflower, capsicum, carrot and tomato. A plateful of nutritious flavour.
Asparagus & Cheese Risotto (RM22)
A classic dish that delivers a fresh, creamy sensation, studded with asparagus. Using butter, concentrated stock and Parmesan cheese as essential ingredients, the cooking process allows the arborio rice to fully absorb the moisture, finally heavily coateds with creaminess as the sauce thickened.
Grilled Romesco Tiger Prawn (RM26)
Grilled Romesco Tiger Prawn is our favourite pick among all. Fresh, huge and bouncy Tiger prawn flavoured with pimento, chopped tomato and almonds flakes, topped over a bed of al dente alio olio spaghetti.
Chicken Ala Provencale (RM23)
A favourite chicken dish from Provence that involved pan fried chicken breasts with black olives and basil tomatoes. Served over a bed of saute vegetables and topped with tangy tomato sauce, the chicken breasts may be too dry and tough for our liking but thanks to the tangy tomato gravy that helps to moisturize the dryness.
Basil Scented Chicken Paprika (RM35)
One of the healthiest choices from the Mediterranean menu, as the chicken is roasted, basil scented. Still, we find the chicken is on the dry side. Served with a spinach risotto entree.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

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