The Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong same row with Mr.DIY shop, The Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant with less than three months old. The restaurant set a range of creative menu from sandwich, salad, burger, pasta, mains to dessert. Here, it is not surprise to find a taste of curry in pasta; roti prata as sandwich base; or bacon in muffin.
The Restaurant boasts a cozy ambience, with dark wooden colour as the main elements; an open kitchen for you to witness the chef on work. What’s noteworthy behind is, the person who cooks for you here, Head Chef Mr. Jeffrey is the Championship Chef in International Smart Chef Cooking Competition held in 2011. He has 8 years of experience in F&B industry, committed to prepare, present and serve The Restaurant with self-learnt Western cuisine. Coming up he will also prepare Thai and Oriental cuisine to cater different tastebuds.
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich (RM9.90)
An interesting twist that turns the usual roti prata into more plentiful texture by encasing it with thinly sliced breaded chicken and fresh salad. It doesn’t taste WOW but imparts a misconception of eating a roll of luxury traditional roti canai.
Restaurant Hot Speciality (RM13.90)
The Restaurant features five types of pasta- Salmonnara, Creamy Seafood with Fresh Herbs, Restaurant Hot Speciality, Bolognese and Aglio Olio. We try out the Restaurant Hot Speciality, and no regret taking this order. Al-dente aside, we found the gravy made using fresh chilli flakes, basil, oregano herbs, garlic, onion, curry powder and fresh cream very noteable for its creamy, mild spicy sensation. Toss with beef bacon and turkey ham for extra texture.
Restaurant Braised Lamb Shank (RM35.00)
Slow braised for three hours, the braised lamb shank is moist and easily fall off the bone once giving a light cut. The braise sauce is thick, deeply infused with sweetness of meat, gracefully coated the lamb shank to give more flavours. The girl especially love the bed of vegetables, soft and packed with juiciness. One small let down will be the sauce which is too salty for our liking, but overall is still good.
Mozarella Chicken (RM12.90)
An awesome dish which drives you away from choosing the usual Chicken Gorden Blue or Mushroom Chicken Chop. Breaded and deep fried to golden brown, the chicken chop is very crispy outside, with tenderness and juciness locked within. The crisp succulent texture is marks added with the mild curry cream sauce and mozarella cheese topping over. So flavouful. Definitely the MUST TRY.
Baked Seafood Thermidor (RM19.90)
A Norway cuisine combining fresh prawns, mussels and squid immersed in a bed of orangish gravy made using fresh tomato and tomato sauce. Fresh and sourish, this dish is so appetizing but having the whole bowl of tomatoish dish to yourself might be too heavy, so it is recommended for sharing. We like the svouriness and cheesiness of the mozarella and parmesan cheese that storm up with cream and baked to perfection, great to complement the tanginess of tomato cream.
Other than food, The Restaurant also boasts a wide range of healthy juice such as Slimmy Smoothies of The Day and Pure Fresh Juice. The Slimmy Smoothies of The Day proves to be the highlight, having different types of fruits daily such as banana, strawberry, orange, apple, kiwi, honey dew etc. to blend together with low fat yougurt and result in a glass of healthy, delightful smoothies. Our visit there was on Saturday, so we had the Forever Young, a blend of banana, kiwi, orange, strawberry and low fat yougurt. Refreshing healthy sip.

In short, we find that the five dishes we had in The Restaurant were delicious and worth a try. Spotted Bacon Muffin in the menu, will come back again to try out.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

The Restaurant,
No. 18-G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong.
Contact no: 03-8052 5372
Business Hours: 9.00 am – 10.00 pm