Celebrate 2013 Christmas with Tony Roma’s Tony’s Fiesta Platter

Christmas is drawing near, and again it is time for sharing and spreading cheer with friends and family. Count in Tony Roma’s this year during your Christmas Celebration with Tony’s Fiesta Platter, available from 18 November 2013 through 5 January 2014. Priced at only RM148.00++, the platter comprised of 2 bountiful beef ribs, lamb ribs-Roma rack, two Filet Medallions, quarter BBQ Chicken, Shrimp Scampi and 3 sides of your choice. Definitely a two platters deal that is huge enough for three persons to share, no doubt value for money!

Being the pioneer of beef ribs, you will never get Tony Roma’s bountiful beef ribs missing in this Christmas platter. Meaty and tender, the ribs are further moistured by a graceful layer of fat, smothered with smoky BBQ sauce while grilling. They taste better when eating with hands. Finger licking good!

Apart from the famous beef ribs, the lamb ribs which are launched about half year ago, is noteworthy too. The ribs are proudly presented by Tony Roma’s Malaysia R&D team, an innovation which is not too late to try out in this coming Christmas. They are so soft and flavourful with minimal gamey taste. Easily fall off the bone once giving a light cut. (Check out our earlier entry on Tony Roma’s lamb ribs HERE)

Filet Medalions fares well with a pinkish centre complementing the well done cut outside. Succulent and juicy, flavours added with the thick brown sauce showered over. Two pieces are just not enough, more would be better.

Quarter BBQ chicken may be the palest among all, but she still manage to shine for herself through a robust sweet and savoury sauce, as well as the skillfully done meat, for it doesn’t taste dry even though the cut is from chicken breast.

Shrimp Scampi, an appetizing treat that boasts on mouthful of textures and flavours. Plump and bouncy prawns, salad greens and cubed tomatoes tossed with special dressing, promoting a tangy, garlicky sensation.

Served along with 3 sides of your choice such as french fries, garden salad, mashed potato, grilled vegetables, jacket potato, etc. to make the platter more complete, filling. We like the jacket potato, generously stuffed with sour cream and cheese to create creamy, cheezy touch with the earthy, mild flavour potato.

Lastly, accompany the meal with 4 refreshing mocktails (non-alcoholic) at only RM12.90 each. Choose from Zesty Apple, Sweet Cherry, Miami Breeze and Cranberry Fizz.  Violaa..Christmas meal goes wonderful at Tony Roma’s!

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

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