Durian Lagenda @ Hutong, Lot 10

Located in Lot 10 Hutong, Durian Lagenda is a newly opened kiosk specializes in durian sweet treats, definitely a must visit place for durian lovers. It is tucked away at the corner of this trendy food court, and can be easily missed out if you focused only on those well-known, country’s best eateries. For easier direction, if you are coming out from the Isetan Supermarket, turn left and walk till the end, go on the staircases and you will spot the bright shop sign of Durian Lagenda on your right.

Though it is a newbie in Hutong, product of Durian Lagenda has been sold world wide for many years. After promoting The King of Fruit internationally with a success, now it is the time for Durian Lagenda to gain name at her own place, so here born the little kiosk.

Durian D24 (RM28.00/ box)
All their desserts are made from 100% D24 durian with no essence added, hence ensuring a premium quality desserts to everyone. They have their own farm in Raub, and the farm is only 10 minutes journey from the packing factory, allowing durian to be packed freshly in vacumed packaging. Freshness guaranteed!

Durian Soft Ice Cream (RM4.80/ cone)
We started off with something chilling, the durian ice cream. Very smooth, icy cold and creamy ice cream rendering a touch of durian flavour. Light enough to allow even non-adurian lover like Summergirl to accept, yet fragrance enough to make durian lovers go gaga over.

Durian Mochi (RM25/8pcs; RM3.50/ 1pcs)
Slightly defrost, the durian mochi is still firm in texture with a light chewiness for the outer layer, while the filling is creamy, yet not too sweet. We learnt that Durian Lagenda has taken two years to develop this sweet treat, time consuming with much effort instilled, but it is all worth it, as everybody loves this. Even Summergirl who just wanted to have a small bite at first finished the whole piece, and said that it is good.

Durian Pancake (RM18.00/ 6pcs; RM2.50/ 1pc)
Durian pancake on the other hand, was rather pale. It is very similar to the durian pancake we always have, just replaced with a more eggy crepe enveloping a thick layer of durian pulp and fresh cream. The crepe is served cold, which believed to be the reason that causes let down. We then requested for a warm version, and turned out to be much better. So you may request them to heat up your durian pancake if you wished to.

Durian Cupcake (RM5.50/pc)
Apart from the durian Mochi, their durian cupcake is also a must try. We tasted the dark chocolate durian muffin and poppy seed durian muffin, both were good. Though durian should be the highlights, but we found that the overall texture is noteworthy. Made from Belgium dark chocolate, the cupcake has managed to caught our heart at the first munch, developing a soft, rich and chocolaty sensation.

Photography: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Durian Lagenda
Lot 10 Hutong,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Contact: 03- 62768036