Ritchie’s Cafe & Grill @ Solaris Mont Kiara [CLOSED DOWN]

The man behind Ritchie’s Cafe & Grill has more stories to tell than we can thought of. He started his culinary journey at the age of nine, and was once the head chef in cruise ship. He had travelled to most parts of the world, including the northernmost cities and towns in the world. He experienced the strongest wave and coldest weather, fight his life in the worst weather to stay alive. The job was so challenging, yet he never lost passion in this career.

But in the end, he left the job, came back Malaysia and started with Ritchie’s Cafe & Grill. He seems to be on one man show, managing the kitchen as well as the front counter. Asking why this decision is made, he said it’s all because of the family. The unfortunate that fall to his father made him reconsidered what he actually wanted. He realised that, no matter how interesting his life was at outside, nothing would make him feel complete without family. That’s why he said goodbye to his sailing life, returned home and started his business at Ritchie’s Cafe & Grill, Solaris Mont Kiara.

At first, we adored his experience and the love to family. By at the end of the meal, we grown more liking on him, feeling great to have a good chef to serve us with great dishes. He is really humble, with full passsion in cooking, as well as continuous learning to discover new dishes. Most dishes here are delicious, especially the mushroom soup.

Mushroom Soup (RM9.90)
It has been quite some time we have not tasted such a good mushroom soup. Extra creamy but not one dimensional till the end, as it is loaded with chunks of fresh mushroom that leads to extra bites, and finished with a swirl of truffle oil. Surprisingly, Summergirl polished the whole plate clean. A sign that the soup is real good, as she rarely finish one whole soup on her own.

Portobello Mushroom served with Beef Bacon (RM15.90)
Tuck in whole to grab the full juiciness of mushroom that complement perfectly with the smoky, savoury bacon, added with a cheesy sensation. At first we thought that the dark gravy drizzled over will be balsamic vinegar that meant to tone down the gresiness, but turn out it is a sugary sweet balsamic reduction that works good in bringing a balance to the overall savouriness.

Giant Satay (RM17.90)
Not the smoky type with burnt edge and fatty layers. These giant satays are lean, flavourful with a faint hint of sweetness. Original is good, but get a dip to the thick peanut sauce to get a burst of creamy and peanuty flavours, with herbs infused.

Palate Cleanser (RM3.00)
Mixed berries sorbet to clean the palate before going to mains. Tangy and refreshing, the sorbet is equally deceiving to place at the end of the meal.

Ritchie’s Chef’s Special Spaghetti (RM17.90)
Portion isn’t big, but satisfyingly good. Combining fusion flavours of Western and Asian, the pasta is packed with potent flavours of ginger flower and lemongrass, while at the same time rendering a mild sweetness from clams’.Get them toss to the al-dente spaghetti, texture added with crisp tiny bits of lemongrass.

Lamb Shank (RM39.90)
Braised for 3 to 4 hours, the lamb shank is soft and fork tender with minimal gamey taste, thickly dressed with brown gravy made from scratch. Served along with mashed potato and stir fried vegetables. Not the best we have tried but still fairs good.

One One Soup (RM16.90)
Hearty portion of bihun gracefully soak up the flavourful, thick, white broth, and generous amount of deep fried red snapper fillet, tomato loaded within. The whitish colour isn’t from the milk, but a result from long hours of boiling with fish, gathering essence and goodness from the meat.

To be frank, we still prefer fish head noodle from our usual fish head noodle shop. But it is indeed a pleasure to see Chef Ritchie putting lots of effort in exploring different types of cuisine in order to put more choices on table to diners. We believe that with his passion and hardwork, sooner or later chinese cuisines in Ritchie’s Cafe will be as great as those we have in Chinese restaurants. Also,congratulations to his new born baby. Wish Chef Ritchie and his restaurant a better year ahead!

Photographer: Summer
Write up: YLing

Ritchie’s Cafe & Grill
No. 18G, Jalan Solaris 3,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-62030039
Business Hours : 10:00 am-12: 00pm