Say Hello! Childhood Memories at Hong Kong Disneyland

Perhaps, Hong Kong Disneyland ( 香港迪斯尼乐园 ) is the easiest attraction to reach by looking at the MRT map. There is a specific MRT station for Hong Kong Disneyland, with a cute Mickey icon in the map which is more than enough to define what you gonna have in this place.

Going to Hong Kong Disneyland ( 香港迪斯尼乐园 ) was not in our plan initially, for we have seen many reviews mentioning that the park too huge to finish explore in one day. Went in the end, for we were too eager to check out their amazing fireworks at night.

Atmosphere of Hong Kong Disneyland ( 香港迪斯尼乐园 ) had started to ring even before we reached the park. The train itself, was full Mickey sculpture.  Windows and hand grip were designed in Mickey icon too! Oh-so-cute!

There’s already lots of films to kill even before you enter the park. We were so excited that we accidentally spent about one hour jumping here and there, taking photographs and regretted later for the lack of time! *face palm*

Hello Mickey and Minnie, long time no see!!! *Shake hand*

There are seven designated parks in Hong Kong Disneyland: Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Main Street, U.S.A.. One day was definitely not enough to capture all into our memory.

-Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad-
Visitors can start their journey by taking a grand tour of Hong Kong Disneyland aboard an excursion-style train that featuring a stop in Fantasy Land.

Else, stroll along the Main Street U.S.A that take you into the world of 20th century American town.

This quaint little street is mainly about taking photographs, meeting Disney characters, dining and shopping for souvenirs.You will come across lots of Disney characters from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Chip & Dale, etc. Take photos with them!

Also, please your palette with authentic dining options from Plaza Inn, Main Street Corner Cafe, Market House Bakery and Main Street Market. Cantanese cuisines, delicious pastries, western dishes, sandwiches, turkey leg and een Mickey waffles are all on the list.

Do not leave the place without buying sophisticated gifts and souvenirs from Emporium, Center Street Boutique, Midtown Jewelry, Crystal Art, Disney Pin Trading Spot, Town Square Photo.

Summergirl loved this Minnie Mouse hair band from Trading Post!

-Sleeping Beauty Castle-
At the end of Main Street U.S.A , we walked through the magical portal Sleeping Beauty Castle into a timeless realm of enchantment, the Fantasy Land.

Couldn’t take our eyes off this stunning architecture.

-Mickey’s Philhar Magic-
Watched a hilarious, eye-popping 3D adventure movie about Donald Duck relieved the most memorable moment of Disney’s animated films.  Passable. Not much surprises.

Minnie Mouse shape strawberry flavour ice cream coated with chocolate.
Cute in shape, sweet in taste.

-Cinderella Horses-
We continued to go on a carousel by riding on one of the 60 graceful, prancing horses. Merry go round and round, round and round……

-Dumbo the Flying Elephant-
Soared high aboard pachyderm, enjoying the great view of Fantasy Land over the back of Dumbo.

-The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh-
We were amazed at this adventure ride with Winnie The Pooh, crossing the Hundred Ace Wood in this storybook journey.

Winnie The Pooh souvenir house offers wide range of chic and stylish merchandise in high quality, some are limited edition but of course, pricey.

Clothes, jewelries, watches, candies, cookies, cutlery, stationary, chocolates, soft toys and many other souvenirs were all so charming that we wanted to take home all!

-Fantasy Garden-
Met and took photos with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Queue was very long so be patient while waiting for your turn with camera and autograph book ready in hand!

Adventure land is next to the Main Street U.S.A,  a small theme that brought us on a voyage into the world of primitive tribe, going on jungle boat, sing along with live musical and climbed on towering branches of Tarzan’s Treehouse.

-Jungle Drumming-
Let the jungle turned lively by joining drumming tribesmen in their beat of drumming. *Dancing and humming*

-Jungle River Cruise-
On this big boat adventure, we were led by a witty skipper who took us on a safari to explore the waters of jungle and encountered exotic beasts. Very fun.

-Rafts to Tarzan’s Treehouse-
Cross the Rivers of Adventure for experiences and activities on Tarzan Island and Tarzan’s Treehouse

-Tarzan’s Tree House-
Climb to high adventure in the treetop home of Tarzan. “Conduct experiment” and “play musical instruments” in an interactive playhouse at the base of the tree.

-“Festival of Lion King”-

At Theater in the Wild, we witnessed a colourful pageant of music and dance inspired by and Disney’s animated classic ” The Lion King”.

We were drown in many familiar songs presented by a group of beautiful, powerful voices, including “Hakuna Matata”, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, and more.

The 30 minutes show presented a classic storyline of the future King of Pride Rock, Simba who was born into royalty abandoned his pride and left home, when he thought that he was to be blamed for his father’s death. He returned later to battle his evil uncle, Scar to save his pride.

Fantastic show that deserved a loud applause at every second.

Tomorrow Land
Discovered the thrill of space through exciting indoor rollercoaster, battle aliens with Buzz Lightear, pilot flying saucer high above the land and cruise along the highway of tomorrow on futureboard electric cars.

Bumped into Mr. Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.  Hey YEAH, say CHEESEE ~~

Fill the hungry tummy with delicious fares from Starliner Diner that features burger, fried chicken, salads and sundaes; Comet Cafe that focuses on tastes of Hong Kong including BBQ, wok fried noodles; Flying Sauce Snacks that provides snacks on the go such as foot long hot dog, jumbo hot dog and nachos.

Almost exhausted by the time we reached Grizzly Gulch.

-Big Gizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars-
At this point, we embarked on a wild ride that led us through the story of the discovery of gold in Big Grizzly Mountain. Grizzly bears send our mine cars racing out of the mountain, having backward and forward moves through the entire town of Grizzly Gulch.

This ride is very mild, junior and we literally didn’t feel the speedy satisfaction if compared to the Human and Cylon ride in Universal Studio Singapore which drove us to scream our lungs out.

-Geyser Gulch-
You may get completely soaked up here as the water tower threatens to dump its contents on passers by or water gun splashing water on you, etc.. Spot the wet floor, it’s all about water play escapades here!

I don’t want to get jailed. Let me out~

Welcome welcome. XD

Mystic Point
Unlock the mystery by boarding on Lord Henry Mystic’s Magneto-Electric Carriage to view his precious collection of art and antiquities acquired from all over the world during his travels.

-Garden of Wonders-
Get puzzled at Garden of Wonders, where numerous ancient sculptures and paintings create unbelievable 3D illusions for mystifying photo-taking experience. They were separated sculptures when observing using naked eyes, but magically turn into one complete archeological antiques when observing through the illusions hole.

Toy Story Land
This theme is located at the far end of the park, next to Mystic Point.

A colourful place that has all your mini toys upsized, much bigger than us.

-Toy Soldier Parachute Drop-
Drop from the sky with the Toy Soldiers in a parachute training drill that thrills!

-RC Racer-
Join RC for a thrilling, gravity defying race, speeding back and forth on a soaring U-shape track.

-Barrel of Fun-
Meet and greet favourite characters from Toy Story movies at the bright blue barrel.

We managed to catch the Flights of Fantasy Parade on 3.30PM. Parade time may be vary daily, so check out their Times Guide which is available online (click HERE), or grab a hard copy from the park information kiosk.

Highlights of the day-” Disney in the Stars” fireworks in front of Sleepy Beauty Castle.

A 10 minutes fireworks and show that made us went speechless.

The sparks, the lights and the sound, so amazing, so wonderful.

Short video of the wonderful Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks (**Sorry for the shaky hand while recording)

If you asked whether we would visit Hong Kong Disneyland again, the answer is definitely: YESS!  The fireworks itself has already caught our heart deeply, not mentioning all the cute characters there that had brought us back to a great childhood memories.

Photography: Summer
Write Up: YLing
(*Partial information from Disneyland Hong Kong Official website)

Hong Kong Disneyland 香港迪斯尼乐园
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 3550 3369
Ticket Price:

1-Day Ticket:
HK450 for General admission (aged 12-64)
HK320 for Child ticket (aged 3-11)
HK100 for Senior Ticket (aged 65 or above)

2-Day Ticket:
HK$585 for General Admission Ticket (aged 12-64)
HK$415 for Child Ticket (aged 3-11)
HK$170 Senior Ticket (aged 65 or above)

For more detailed information on ticket purchase and reservations, click HERE

How to reach:
Travel on the railway network of MTR and interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station:
-Only 33 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport, MTR Airport station (From Airport station to Tsing Yi Station and transfer to Sunny Bay Station),
-27 minutes from MTR Kowloon station and
-30 minutes from MTR Hong Kong station where Guests can pick up Park Tickets too!

Operating Hours between Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort Station:
From Sunny Bay: from 6:15am – 12:45am the following day
From Disneyland Resort Station: from 6:20am – 12:40am the following day

4 – 10 minutes

For more information on travelling to and around Hong Kong Disneyland, please click HERE