EVO Restaurant and Lounge @ Lorong University C, Petaling Jaya

Located along a quiet lane in Lorong University C, Petaling Jaya, EVO restaurant and lounge is a newly opened dining place that serves decent Western and Asian delicacies since September last year. Apart from daily casual dining, the restaurant also host private functions, birthday gatherings, corporate events or parties.

As we pushed the door into the restaurant during our visit last week, we were welcomed with a scene of vintage decor that drove us back to the years of mid-century. A bold mix of burnt orange floor tiles with wooden furnitures laid in black table cloth and cushion seats, creating a sturdy contrast.

Wall was painted in white, half filled with stone tiles to give a rustic feel, harmony toned up with elegant chandelier, hue yellow lights. The entire texture, floorings, colours and furnishing encompassed a “loud” decorations from decades ago, the only modernity would probably went to familiar, pop background country songs which were played all night long.

Tofu Puff RM23.00
We started the meal with Tofu Puff, an appetizer that creatively got beancurd stuffed with minced prawns, mixed vegetables, battered and deep fried. The end result was a crispy outside, soft and juicy inside elements with chewy munch.

Evo Fried Anchovies RM19.00
Evo Fried Anchovies reminded us the taste of home, as Summergirl’s mum used to stir fried anchovies, peanuts and sesame in caramalized sugar. This was a similar but different version with a touch of spiciness from chilli, onions and sambal, lots of crunchies.

Cajun Grilled Prawns RM30.00
Grilled items went into the menu list of Evo Restaurant too, giving diners a chance to enjoy grilled seafood that was great enough for sharing just before the mains arrived. Tiger prawns marinated in Cajun spices was worth mentioned, smoky and flavorful at the outer layer while sealing bounciness and juiciness within. Served with jalapeño mayonnaise

Sausages and spice RM16.00
Another spicy appetizer, having sliced chicken sausage stir fried with onions, chilli and sambal. We enjoyed having this Western ingredient with a touch of Asian spices, promoting a fiery, spicy kick.

Caesar Salad with Grilles Chicken RM18.00
A myriad of colours and textures, combining Romaine lettuce, croutons, onions, shredded Parmesan cheese, chicken bacon tossed in Caesar dressing, topped over with grilled chicken. Standard in taste, as the grilled chicken was rather dry and tough. Not for those seeking for top notch salad, but yes if you wanted a light and healthy meal. Diners can also opt for smoked salmon topping at RM23.00.

Cajun Fish RM28.00
We loved this pan fried dory fish with Cajun seasoning. It was so buttery soft, almost melt in the mouth. So easy to eat that we kept tucking in, having it polished clean in a jiffy without much notice. The white pepper sauce that was glazed over brought in extra flavours, creamy and peppery but it would be better if it could be placed separately, as the dory was delicious enough to have it on its own. Served with vegetables and potato of the day.

Rib Eye Steak RM58.00
We had our grain fed rib eye steak done in medium rare, tenderly soft and went well with a drizzle of brown sauce. Served with vegetable, potato and mushroom sauce.

Lemon Grass Chicken RM28.00
This was the must try in Evo Restaurant. We didn’t put much attention to this lemongrass chicken at first, since it seemed to be one the most common dishes in the menu list. But we were wrong, the chicken which was marinated in lemon grass was so intense in flavour, very aromatic with a crisp surface. Served with vegetables, potato of the day and black pepper sauce.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio RM36
The aglio olio spaghetti was a hearty helping with spaghetti, tiger prawns, scallop, squid, clams and fish sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chilli flakes. Tasted alright but a slight let down came from the cheese, a little overwhelmed, causing it to share a taste between carbonara and aglio olio.

Sang Har Mee RM37
We were glad to come across Sang Har Mee in Evo Restaurant. It tasted good with deep fried Wantan noodles drenched in thick eggy gravy, with pleasant sweetness and essence from fresh, bouncy water prawns which were cooked together. The noodles turned from crispy to al dente, as it gradually absorb the thick sauce. Awesome slurp.

Classic Cheese Burger RM20.00
Classic Cheese Burger was huge, seasoned grilled chicken patty, lettuce, sliced tomato, onion rings, and pickles sandwiched within two fluffy bun. Add on RM3 for cheesy goodness. Sided with coleslaw and fries, this burger would bring you to a satisfying burp by the time you finished everything.

Braised Lamb Shank RM43.00
First time seeing braised lamb shank served in ‘vertical’ form instead of laying down. Eye catching but we were more concerned on the taste as the extraordinarily presentation didn’t speak for its taste. Marinated with exotic spices and slow braised for hours, the lamb shank was no doubt soft and easily fell off the bone, deep in flavours but we found it rather gamey. Served with gravy, vegetables and potato of the day

Kampung Fried Fried Rice RM18.00
Fried rice ala Kampung style. Robust in flavours, generous in ingredients including squid, prawn, chicken and egg. Topped over with crispy mini anchovies that set off the fluffiness of rice. Had it with minced ginger that came along, it helped to balance the heavy taste with a touch of clean and fresh sensation.

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream RM15
The meal ended with Chocolate Brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. As the owner assured, the brownie was really impressive. Moist, creamy and chocolaty with nutty bites. No sign of dryness. Recommended.

Photographer: Summer
Write up: YLing

Evo Restaurant and Lounge
No. 19, Lorong Universiti C
46350 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 12pm-1am
Contact: 03-7956 3418
Email: ask@evorestaurant.com.my
Website: http://www.evorestaurant.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EVOpj