Norwegian Salmon Promotion @ Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ

Good news for salmon lovers!
From 1st March 2014 to 30th April 2014, hop over to Utara Coffee House Armada Petaling Jaya and indulge in a range of Norwegian Salmon Menu which is complete from starter, soup to main dishes. Be it baked, grilled, poached, you can try them all!

Pacific Rim Salmon Soup RM25.00
Start the meal with a bowl of comfort, tummy warming Pacific Rim Salmon Soup which is worth highlighted for its velvety smooth, creamy texture. Comes with tiny salmon chunks, shiitake mushroom and a swirl of herbs.

Salmon Roulade & Oyster Gratin RM30.00
Salmon Roulade clearly reflects the chef’s creativity, seeing that it is uniquely different from the rest, regardless of cooking method or serving presentation. In this dish, minced salmon is wrapped within thinly sliced salmon and tied with leek then poached to result in a soft, almost melt in the mouth sensation.

Salmon Caesar Salad RM26.00
Caesar Salad goes more wholesome and flavorful in Armada Salmon promotion with addition of grilled salmon in your bowl of fresh, greeny salad! Dressing is awesome too, zesty yet refreshing with extra salmon bites within. Oh yeah, means more salmon in one plate!

Salmon Potatoes Au Gratin RM28.00
Summergirl knows that she’s gonna love this dish once it is served. The layer of potato Au Gratin tells. It is so thick, creamy and cheesy, gracefully topping over the flaky soft salmon. A minor contrast in texture, heaps of flavours.

Salmon Tikka RM26.00
A brilliant dish inspired from chicken Tikka, one of the famous mamak dishes among locals. Surprisingly, the attempt to put together ingredients from different regions turns out really good. It is so flavorful, developing a pleasant aromas of spices and herbs to the palate. Best to pair with perfumed rice, acar, cucumber.

Salmon Tostadas RM26.00
Don’t really put much attention on these Salmon Tostadas initially, but it ended up to be our favourite and we chomp down everything. The combination is pretty simple, having salmon envelop within crisp edge, soft center tortillas. What makes wonders are the sauce -guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa. Have a dip of all three to get a creamy sweet, sourish and zesty concoction in one go, it tastes better than having individually. Guacamole is especially noteworthy, because instead of the usual mushy with a little bite texture, the chef make a twist by blending the avocado into extra smooth consistency, match well with the tostadas.

Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon RM28.00
No reason for not to love this Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon with zucchini, capsicum, and champignons mushrooms. Healthier, and with all flavours locked within the foil wraps, bringing a more aromatic, essence laden dish.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

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