Snow Factory Yogurt Ice Cream @ Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur [CLOSED]

“Snow factory Yougurt Ice Cream has shifted to Pavillion KL. Near to Kyochon, Little Nyonya, OMG N2”

“Extra fine, delicate, velvety smooth and 100% natural are the thing we would like to say for Snow Factory Yogurt Ice Cream”

Snow Factory, the leading premium handmade yogurt maker from Taiwan has finally landed in Malaysia, bringing quality yogurt products to their first store in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur.

The brand may be new to Malaysian, but in Taiwan, this brand is widely recognised especially by yougurt lovers. It was started in Taiwan back in 2007, raised by a group of business students from National Taiwan University and law students by National Chengchi University.

For three years, Snow Factory focused on producing yogurt and confiture using natural, quality ingredients. In 2011, in order to bring their principles to larger group of consumers, Snow Factory combines the two jewels, and give birth to the much raved-about Snow Factory’s yogurt ice cream.

The ice cream is 100% handmade using fresh yogurt, hence it is possible to produce finer, more delicate ice cream comparing to the usual cream base ice cream which involved cream and egg yolk in their recipe.The ice cream lends a balance between milky aroma and natural yogurt flavour, with a mild touch of pleasing tang. Yes, Snow Factory successfully encapsulates the healthy and delicious elements in this ice cream.

In fact, Snow Factory is the first brand in Taiwan to offer hard ice cream that contains only less than 28.6% of air, which is also the reasons to result in a firmer, smoother texture. There is only 4.5% of fats and 130kcal in every 100g, which is almost 10% of fats lesser and more than 100kcal lesser than in normal ice cream. Definitely a guilt-free product that can be enjoyed heartily by sweet tooths.

No colourings, addictives, and preservatives are used in producing all Snow Factory products, hence a shorter shelvelife can be expected. But this has upholding the healthy food culture, which is much concerned nowadays. ” Pure, natural, and zero culinary culture are the fundamental values we would like to promote.” said Ms Chong, director of Snow Factory(M) Sdn Bhd.

Snow Factory Malaysia will be opening in Pavillion Shopping Mall by the end of this month, as well has urban markets in near future. The small pack of 160g is tailored for working excutives, while the 1000g is more ideal as a healthy and delicious snack for children and family.

How good is Snow Factory yogurt ice cream? Try it out yourself today! It is real good stuff!

Photographer: Summer

Snow Factory Malaysia
Lot L2-03, Level 2,
Avenue K Shopping Mall,
Kuala Lumpur.
Transportation: Rapid LRT-stop at KLCC station