Suchan – The Place for Delicious Tiramisu @ Petaling Jaya

Mentioning about Suchan, we believe this cafe needs no further introduction. Suchan has swept its name across KL and Klang Valley with their delicious tiramisu, as well as other cakes. In recent years, the cafe has left their footsteps in few places due to shifting. However, their loyal supporters manage to keep track with her latest location and continue to savour their delicious cake.

Current Suchan is located in Petaling Jaya, housed within a shop row just in front of MBPJ, next to Guardian pharmacy. Ambience is cozy with wooden flooring, sturdy walls adorned with paintings, plus lots of detailed ornaments. Menu spans on vast variety of Western and Asian main dishes, with a long list of quality cakes to end the meal in sweet note.

Meditteranean Chicken Steak (RM21.80)
Pan seared chicken steak drenched in a bed of brown sauce brimming with dried apricots, prunes, capers and olives, adding fruity sweetness into this savoury dish. We like the mashed potaeos, which is of creamier, more oily version, giving extra moist to this earthy goodness.

Vietnamese beef Nooodle (RM9.80)
A comfort bowl of rice noodle immersed in home brew beef stock that is light, yet retaining sweet essence of beef. Clean and soothing flavours that is best savoured during a rainy day. However, it may be too pale for those seeking for robust, flavour loaded soup noodles.

Thai Laksa (RM9.90)
One of the signature dishes in Suchan. Delicious or not, we leave to you to decide as there is no benchmark for us on Thai Laksa, seeing that we are too used to our local laksa which is intense with mixed flavours. We can only say that this Thai Laksa is towards less sourish, less spicy of assam laksa. You will like it if you loved your assam laksa mild.

Olio Oglio (RM17.80)
Suchan makes extra spicy Olio Oglio with chilli flakes and olive oil base, a fiery kick combination that whet up your appetite, making you to keep tucking in. Generous amount of seafood are tossed along with this spaghetti.

Creamy Chicken (RM16.80)
Comparing to Olio Oglio, the Creamy Chicken Spaghetti earns extra marks. The creamy and buttery sauce is graciously coated to the al-dente spaghetti, but not overly heavy.The creaminess clocks in just at right level, pleasant enough to allow you to finish the whole plate without feeling cloying.

Continue with desserts from the choices available that day. Explosion, a name which is interesting enough to urge you to give it a try. It consists of Chocolate meringues layered with chunky hazenuts and chocolate chips fresh cream mixture. Airy crisp at the first munch, melt in the mouth within seconds.

Do not leave Suchan without trying their signature cake- the Tiramisu. The coffee syrup soaked victorian sponge sandwiched with cheese and bittersweet chocolate slices, topped with almond pralines cake is just so wonderful. served with strawberry sauce.

Japonaise is unique for its texture, having almond meringue layers with chocolate ganache and fresh whipped cream, lending a spongy and crispy concoction.

Italian Cream Cake (RM10.90)
Italian Cream Cake is the most filling cake among the four we have. It comes in dense buttermilk cake and bites of walnuts pieces, coconut, smothered with layers of cream cheese for a sweet finish.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

No. 10, Jalan 52/18,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
*How to reach: If coming from Kuala Lumpur or Klang, take Taman Jaya exit and keep left. pass Amcorp Mall and travel towards Menara MBPJ. 3 o’clock at roundabout and follow direction to the Square. We are situated right in front one of Menara MBPJ’s entrances.*

Phone 03-7957 9908