5th Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2014 @ Mid Valley Megamall

The 5th Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo is back! Held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 9th to 11th May 2014, 11am-9pm, this expo is going to drive consumers crazy over the many bargains, sales and free gifts available. Join the crowd and make your weekend interesting! Hurry up as there is only 1 day left! Look out for some of the notable stalls:

1) Biogrow
Biogrow, the brand that holds on the principle of providing good health based on the concept of Nature. From Nature to consumer, Biogrow launched “Re-Natured” Nutrients vitamins and minerals to the market. Over the years, Biogrow continues to develop high quality products using the purest and natural ingredients, together with latest scientific research to create cuttin edge formulas, innovative solutions to improve people’s health. Now, there are six main categories for Biogrow- Re-Natured Nutrients Vitamins & Minerals, Botanical Supplements, Essential Fatty Acids, Bee Product and Probiotics.

Oat BG22 is one of the most essential product by Biogrow, it is made from premium Swedish oat bran powder, high with 20% beta glucan developed in a proprietary method. There is no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no added sugar, no eggs, no fillers, no yeast, no addictives and non dairy. Take two scoops per day together with milk or water to obtain optimal soluble fiber that your body needs everyday.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Biogrow/249866868367820
Website: http://biogrow.com.my/

2) Biogreen
Biogreen, the well known product which has been in the market for more than 15 years. This international recognized brand leaves their footsteps at several region and countries including China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mauritius, Philippines and even Singapore and Hong Kong. The brand aims to provide consumers organic and natural health product with reasonable price.

They are now having almost 50 types ot healthy products to boost up your healthy life, which including honey, enzymes, vinegar,plant base milk, oatmilk, organic seed oil, etc. Their product can be purchased at EON Wellness, AEON Big, Watson, Guardian, Caring, Vitacare, Healthlane Pharmacy, Giant, Cold Storage, and Biogreen, BMS Organics and other organic outlets.

Website: http://www.biogreen2u.com/home/

3)Yu Min Golden Buckwheat

Taiwan most specialized buckwheat, wheaten food producer and supplier has arrived in Malaysia, bringing in a wide range of buckwheat related snack, noodles and cookies. Buckwheat Seaweed in original, spcy, sesame and almond flavour is the highly recommended product, easily liken by the young and old as a healthy snack. Or, check out the Golden Buckwheat Chocolate, creamy, rich and packed with crispy munch of nuts.

4) Biotta by Yu Yan Sang
Yu Yan Sang proudly brings in Biotta Naturals, the NO.1 functional organic fruit and vegetables juices to Malaysia this year.In case you have never heard about Biotta before- Biotta is healthy fruit juice from Switzerland, with a history of 75 years. Biotta currently has more than 30 types of juices that are sold in more than 40 coutnries around the world with annual sales volume of juices exceeds 1.2 million bottles. They are grouped into different functional flavours choices including wild Bilberry, Vita 7, Breuss, Potato Plus, Wild Mountain Cranberry, Eiderberry, and Digest. Priced RM29.90 per bottle, RM50 every 2 bottles, 30% for a box.

You may want to say, 100% real fruit juices are now easily available everywhere, what’s so special about having this bottled Biotta? Good question. For the fruit juice you have purchased, imagine how long these fruits have been exposed from the time is is harvested from the farm to delivery, storage, etc., till you take the first sip on it? Nutrients lost along with time.

So what makes Biotta different is their “24 Hours” concept. Biotta takes only 24 hours from the time it is harvested to producing juices. All nutrients and goodness of fruits and vegetables are locked in the bottle within 24 hours, minimizing the lost of quality, maximazing the nutritional value, fresh taste and shelf-life.

The 24 hours: Ripe vegetables and fruits are picked in order to be process within 8 hours. They are then delivered to the factory within 8 hours using certified delivery truck. For the next 8 hours, these fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed with spring water to ensure possible hygiene. Juicing is done within 8 hours, bottled and pasteurized to achive longer shelf life. These juices are then packed in cool temperature, undergo quality check and distributed for sales around the world.

Website: http://biottajuices.com/

5) Kong Yen Teng Bird Nest
Kong Yen Teng is prides for their high quality bird nest, carefully processed from collecting to cleaning till packing. In this fair, Kong Yen Teng ready to drink birdnest is priced at RM152 for 4 bottles, come in four flavours which are pandan, american ginseng, rock sugar and red dates.

Website: http://kongyenteng.com/index.html

6) Narmak
Established in the year of 1995, Narmak is an experienced brand in growing, processing and trading on nut industry.The brand is committed to the highest standards in flavor, food safety and quality evident through HACCP program and Laboratory, making it a natural fit with their mission to bring value to the final consumers and trading partners. Narmak Nuts, processes, roasts, and packs Iran Nuts, especially pistachios both in shell and Kernels. Their watermelon seeds is worth checking out, tastes almost like sunflower seed, in spicy flavour.

7)Simpee Huat Frozen Food Sdn Bhd
Simpee Huat Frozen Food specializes in wholesale of frozen food such as crabsticks, seafood tofu, and many other steamboat ingredients. They also offer raw ingredients and machines to make roasted cuttlefish. In Tastefully, the brand brings in the whole machine and made roasted cuttlefish, roasted shredded cuttlefish on the spot. Aromatic, fresh, chewy. Priced RM8 per packet for L size squid, and RM6 per packet for M size squid.

8) Cookie Box
Cookie Box specializes in designer cupcakes, customized cupcakes, wedding cakes, corporate cakes, kid party cakes, or any other decorative cakes you wish to specially ordered to cater your own event. The woman behind Cookie Box, Sue is a superwoman who handle this humble cake and confectionary business, and at the same time a wife and a mother. There is four outlets for Cookie Box, namely Berjaya Times Square Lower Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery Lower Ground Floor, Publika Solaris Dutamans, Kota Damansara SunSurian Avenue.

Website: http://cookieboxmy.blogspot.com/

9)Mum Yummy Food
Drop by at this small kiosk, Mum Yummy Food to get a taste of homemade goodness. Pudding is their selling point in Tastefully, featuring interesting flavours such as Herbal Black Jelly, Ginseng Bird Nest, Longan Milk Pudding, Lemon Ais Jelly, Honey Dew Milk Pudding and Pineapple Milk Pudding. Priced at RM4 per cup. Mum Yummy Food also covers baby fullmoon package. Feel free to reach them at 016-3136650 if you need further enquiry.

10) YHL Trading
Sunflower Rice by YHL Trading (KL) Sdn Bhd
Sunflower rice is one of the household brands by YHL Trading Sdn Bhd, the subsidiary of Padiberas National Berhad. This company has gathered its experience in rice industry since 1950 together with YHL group, nd is the first rice processor in Malaysia to invest in the latest state or art processing plant. Coupled with the stringent rice grains selection, this machine allows them to produce rice with highest prutiy and cleanliness.

Sunflower offers consumers a variety of product such as Fragrant rice, White rice, brown rice, red rice, parboiled rice, glutinuous rice, basmathi rice and calrose rice, just to name a few. All their rice is laser piced one by one to ensure each and every grain fulfills the required specification.

11) Everbest
This brand is proud to announce themselves as the professional in making tofu. Established for over 16 years, Everbest currently possesses new technology and automatic tofu machine that costs millions; having international standard of hygiene production; produces better quality of tofu than traditional tofu; and strictly no coloring, no artificial flavouring and no preservatives added in all their products. Besides, they use only 100% natural soybeans, the non GMO or non genetically modified soybeans. Silken tofu for STEAM, silken tofu for SOUP, Silken tofu for STEAMBOAT, pressed tofu, soy based vegetarian mock meats are some of the quality products by Everbest.

Website: http://www.everbest.my/

There is actually more stalls to discover. Visit yourself to know more!

Photography: Summer
*Special thanks to organizer of Tastefully and all participated stalls.