Cafe Olle @ Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Hello May!

We kept our Labour Day free from work and gathering, leaving all the good time to ourselves. And so Summerkid was dragged to Cafe Olle, a small cafe which is named after a narrow scenic pathway that surrounds Jeju island. The cafe is discovered by Summergirl during our visit to BreadFruits not so long ago.

Located in the more quiet alley of Desa Sri Hartamas, Cafe Olle is run by Korean, specializes in coffee with healthy sandwiches, simple pasta and wholesome breakfast platter to sum up their food menu. Everything here goes simple and homey from the food to the design.

The place was only half filled when we reached, which was a good thing. To us, we always want to venture into a cafe that holds calm and tranquility, not over commercialized until we have to queue long just for a cuppa of coffee.

This quaint little cafe offers the criterias that we like- cozy, quiet, comfortable. We were greeted with burnt orange-brown colour ceramic floor tiles once stepping in, sectioned by wooden floorings at inner end. Walls are decked with wooden planks in earthy tones, drawing harmony with wooden tables and comfy cushion seats. Hue yellow lights glows through wicker ball pendent lamp, set off beautifully with the theme colour.

One can also choose to sit outdoor, enjoying the breeze with hot coffee. The half al-fresco dining area offers a row of high chairs, and furnitures completed with uneven wooden bricks that create rustic touch for the wall.

Cappuccino RM10.00
Not really into their food menu, we ordered only drinks. Sumemerkid’s cappuccino came in bear shape latte art, oh-so-cute. Velvety smooth with distinct bitterness, coffee in Cafe Olle is not far from being good.

Green Tea Latte RM11
Summergirl had her favourite green tea latte, playfully finished with a swan with ..dragon head? Haha doesn’t matter anyway. It was nicely froth, milky and smooth in drinking with a good balance of green tea aroma. Summergirl claimed that it was overly sweet, very similar to Caffe Bene’s, perhaps intensified sweetness is how a Korean style green tea should be like.

In short, Cafe Olle serves as an ideal place for those who like to have their coffee in peace without much distraction, like us. What we like the most is their unpretentious service, humbly serving every cup of drinks with sincerity.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Cafe Olle
26-G, Jln 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: 9am-12am (closed on Monday)
Contact: 03-6206-3121