Cotton Candy Coffee @ Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21, Subang Jaya

Cake or coffee? Cake and coffee?
How about cotton candy coffee and cake? Sounds different huh.
Now you have more reasons to visit this Oh Scooter Cafe before many other coffee places mushrooming around, for they have cotton candy coffee. (*and..scooter)

Located along the shophouses in USJ 21 Subang Jaya, just opposite to the newly opened shopping mall Main Place, Oh Scooter Cafe has successfully bring the art and creativity of coffee into another level, in less than one month.

It is inspiring to know that the owner of this Oh Scooter Cafe is still a student, a very young, energetic girl who is still pursuing her degree in collage. She loves baking, and dreams of having her own bakery. However having just cake in a cafe will be way too boring, so she thought of adding coffee into the menu.

But with the amount of coffee places across the state, Oh Scooter Cafe needs to brainstorm for something different to make their coffee stands out from others. The gimmick goes to the cotton candy, which comes from the idea- we add sugar into our coffee.

This sudden thought is followed by few experiments, mix and match to tune for the best ratio. It is then named as Signature coffee, unique in its own way, currently the best seller in Oh Scooter Cafe.

Apart from the cotton candy coffee, scooter will be the highlight in this cafe. There are three scooters in the cafe now, all beautifully painted and polished to shinny condition to set off the cozy, welcoming interior.

Signature coffee RM11.90
The coffee that makes us drove all the way from KL city to USJ 21. When it is served, we do wonder if this should be classified as coffee. Yes maybe, but certainly the trendy, playful style of deconstructed coffee that will kill lots of camera shutters.

Complete your coffee the reverse way, with cotton candy. Espresso, frothed milk and cotton candy are served separately. To drink it, place cotton candy on the cup and pour your espresso over. The fluffy, voluminous cotton candy will melt swiftly into the frothed milk. Stir and sip.

The end result is so wonderful, tastes different from our usual coffee which either goes more distinct in bitterness or milkiness. This cotton candy coffee has a good balance of all, velvetly smooth and creamy. It tastes sweet as it reaches your lips, easily run down your throat in a pleaseant, clean, and feathery feeling.

Hot Green Tea Latte RM9.90
Couldn’t stand seeing green tea latte on the menu, Summergirl order a cup. Again, is another glass of green tea latte that didn’t meet her expectation. It is nicely frothed, very milky but still lack of green tea oomph. Stronger will be bettwer. They will ask “coffee or non-coffee?” when you order green tea latte, a question that made Summergirl went stunned for seconds. #So memper-siasui-kan. Actually “coffee?” means you can have espresso infused green tea latte, and “non coffee?” for just pure green tea latte.

Choco Banofee Cake RM11.90
Cakes are by far the only solid food here, but all day breakfast such as sandwiches and breakfast platters will come in soon. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t leave without trying their cakes, as this dessert are also the stars in Oh Scooter Cafe. Just try any of them, because all tastes so good.

Their Choco Banofee Cake is sinfully delicious. Extra moist and chocolate flaovour pack cake double smothered with fresh cream, laid with fresh banana and dressed with caramel. An interlayering of rich chocolaty and light creaminess that bring to a good marriage.

Come, come, enjoy this dreamy candy cotton signature coffee at Oh Scooter Cafe. Do try out their hazelnut chocolate and Signature soda too, highly recommended by the owner!

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Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Oh Scooter Cafe
Jalan USJ 21/10,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 03-8011-5507