I Love Steamboat @ Kota Damansara

I Love Steamboat- a steamboat place you can hardly miss out in Kota Damansara, thanks to the large shop sign and brightly lit corner lot. This steamboat restaurant goes on buffet style, priced at RM19.90 for lunch, and RM29.90 for dinner including dessert and drinks.

Steamboat ingredients are served through conveyer belt, so diners can sit comfortably throughout the steamboat session, eyeing on the ingredients that pass in front of you. Just pick whatever you want. Each plate comes in small portion, which is the plus point it helps to avoid food wastage. Just grab for another few more plates if you happened to like the particular ingredients.

For seafood, prawns, scallop, dory fish, bamboo clams, sliced abalone are available, which are also part of the key ingredients that help to flavor up your soup gradually as the sweet essence of the seafood released into the soup while cooking.

Besides that, thinly sliced beef, chicken and pork are also available. Remember to work on the shabu-shabu style by having a fast dip into the boiling broth for tender, cook just right meat. Add some spicy kick with the chilli sauce specially made in house.

Other choices including cheese balls, crabstick, fish balls, meatballs, seafood tofu, beancurd, wantan, sausage, Chinese sausage, dumpling, crab meatballs and more. We do like the cheese balls, bouncy with tongue burning melting cheese oozing out once we bite through.

Here, each person will be given individual pot. More hygiene, and save the worry for not getting to eat what you’ve thrown in. It is undeniable that at many times, during sharing pot, we throw in lots of ingredients but in the end they disappear to no where into don’t-know-who ‘s tummy.

Soup base available including tom yam, herbal and clear soup. Herbal is our favourite, light yet brimming with nourishing flavours of herbs. Tom yam is on the salty side and we literally doesn’t taste the spiciness in the beginning. But it develops in our palate gradually, opens up the appetite to welcome more food to be indulged in.

Do remember to fill your plate with vegetables to balance the nutrients. Abalone mushrooms, needle mushroom, romaine lattuce, spinach, lettuce, etc. Noodles are available at the same counter, in case you can’t live without having carbs, or need it for a more filling meal.

Cooked food is limited to only deep fried chicken, deep fried wantan, and deep fried beancurd skin during our visit but all taste good, especially the fried chicken. Served pipping hot, it is so crispy at the outside, juicy and tender inside. Deep fried wantan is not shadowed too, earns a winning point for is fresh, crispy crackling skin.

End the meal with ice cream comes in various flavours including strawberry vanilla, chocolate mint, chocolate, yam and corn. The yam flavor is surprisingly good, vibrant in colour, with aromatic touch of yam that is pleasant enough to make you go to few more helpings.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

I Love Steamboat
27-1, Jalan PJU 5/4,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Contact Number: 03 – 6151 6656
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ILoveSteamboat