Andes BYO Revisit @ Aman Suria

Comparing to two years ago when we first tried out Andes BYO, the restaurant has gone through a serious makeover. We got WOW-ed with the new environment during our visit for dinner last two weeks ago. The brand new interior wasn’t exactly grandeur and classy but definitely noteworthy for the raw and rustic design, coupled with modernity which fares a little different from their previous homey style.

Andes Pork Burger RM18.90
Second time having this Andes Pork Burger, which is also the restaurant’s signature dish. Featuring home made pork patty stuffed with cheese, we found that the patty has improved into a juicier, meatier version, equally cheesy at the center.

Aglio E Olio RM14.90
Aglio Olio spaghetti in Andes BYO goes basic with olive oil and garlic as the essential ingredients, sprinkled with crispy, smoky bacon bits for flavours and texture touch up.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara RM15.90
Andes’s carbonara is real creamy, tossing al dente pasta till each strand is heavily coated with thick and rich cream gravy. Comes with bacon bits for extra bites too, garnished with Parmesan cheese.”Sharing is caring” turns important for this dish.

Chilli Padi Lamb Chop RM23.90
A well marinated lamb chop cooked with chilli paddy and garlic, highly recommended by Andes BYO. Juicy and succulent aside, you got the wonders made by crispy garlic and exotic chilli, fully spiced up to draw a spicy note.

Fish and Cheese RM19.90
A very safe choice that is hard to go wrong with in a Western restaurant. Andes BYO strives for an improved version, putting on a minor modification by coating the fish with bread crumbs instead of usual flour batter. Served with fries accompanied with homemade tartar sauce.

Pork Satay RM16.90
Call it Pork Satay the generous version. Big chunks of meat lightly brushed with a blend of spices, put onto grill and lock the flavours deep into the meat. We found it just good, but our friends yearned for fattier counterparts. Served with Andes BYO special satay sauce for additional nutty goodness.

Pigs In Blanket RM14.90
Sink your teeth onto this adorable Pigs In The Blanket to first reach for smoky tenderness from bacon slice, followed by a burst of juicy meatiness as you bite through the sausage skin. Flavour loaded appetizer that goes well with a pint of beer.

End your meal in Andes BYO with affogato, a coffee in a dessert or dessert in a coffee, you call it. Both acceptable. Highly recommended. Great affogado creates a satisfying sparks between sweetness and bitterness.

Photography: Summerkid
Write up: Summergirl

Andes BYO
Jalan PJU1/43,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Contact number: 03-7804 3732